PHOTO: Empire Shares New Information & Exclusive Image From Upcoming Pixar Film “Luca”


The latest issue of Empire reveals an exclusive photo (above), as well as new information regarding the inspiration and story behind Pixar’s upcoming animated film, “Luca”.

From Empire:

The legendary animation studio’s next movie, Luca, is another mix of fact and folklore – the first feature from director Enrico Casarosa, who previously helmed the short La Luna.

Set on the coast of Italy in the dazzling summer days, its central character, Luca, and his friend Alberto are actually sea creatures who appear human on dry land, but take on a fishier form underwater. In a Little Mermaid riff, the pair get to experience life up where they walk, run, and stay all day in the sun – befriending a human girl along the way.

For all that it’s about magical sea creatures, the heart of Luca goes right back to Casarosa’s childhood. “I was born in Genoa, and my summers were spent on beaches,” he tells Empire. “I met my best friend when I was 11. I was really shy and I found this troublemaker of a kid who had a completely different life. I wanted to make a movie about those kinds of friendships that help you grow up.” According to the director, the result is a Pixar film that pays homage to Fellini and other classic Italian filmmakers, with a dash of Miyazaki in the mix too. It sounds like the cinematic summer blast we’ll all be desperate for when winter finally ends.

The new issue of Empire goes on sale this Thursday, January 21st.

Source: Empire

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