PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/18/21 (France Pavilion Expansion Partially Opens, Morocco Restrooms Close, Donald Still Missing From Gran Fiesta Tour, and More)

Hello from a lovely day here at EPCOT! We came to check out what new things we could find at the park, but to also check in on the many construction projects here, and we’re glad we did! Let’s get started!


We’ve been waiting with baited breath ever since the construction walls around the France Pavilion expansion were removed and replaced with rolling planters and today our patience was rewarded. A portion of the expansion was opened to guests today, including the new Restrooms. It’s quite a lovely area! For more pictures and a full video walkthrough, check out our article here.


Nearby, we found a potential reason for the opening of the new Restrooms in the France Pavilion expansion—the Restrooms in the Morocco Pavilion have been closed for refurbishment. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


Further around World Showcase Lagoon, the new La Gelateria booth in the Italy Pavilion is coming along, having been delivered in sections and assembled on site. The seams between the pieces are being covered over now.


Although minor, we found two small construction boxes at the top of this flight of stairs in the Canada Pavilion. We’ll be keeping an eye on these two.


There was a lot of activity today out on World Showcase Lagoon, which resulted in some brief screen tests on one of the barges today around midday. Only this small strip of color on one end was shown.


Back in Future World, we checked in on the progress at the future location of Mouse Gear. Additional black framing has been added.


We found a worker on a man lift inspecting the ceiling near a new metal beam on the other side of the building.


Next, we took a boat ride to check on Donald at Gran Fiesta Tour. We were honestly surprised to see that he was still missing, despite it being almost two weeks since he first disappeared. We hope he returns soon!


In World ShowPlace, we caught a few moments of Art Defying Gravity’s performance. We especially enjoyed the rotating performance platform, we felt it helped to show off the performer’s skill to everyone gathered for the show.


A new forced perspective chalk art piece has been completed, which allows guests to appear to be carrying these water buckets up the stairs.


We noticed that Hot Cocoa is now available with alcohol at the Fife & Drum Tavern in American Adventure for $12.


We also found a new Bubble Tea infused with liquefied White Rabbit Creamy Candy at The Joy of Tea in the China Pavilion. This booth even had a longer line than the festival food booth nearby!


We found two new unisex shirts, which retail for $24.99 each.


We had a great time at EPCOT today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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