PHOTOS: Entire Roof Removed From Monorail Station at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

While we wait for more glimpses of the Moana-themed rooms coming to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, refurbishment of the Great Ceremonial House and the resort’s Monorail station continues.


The entire roof of the Monorail station is now gone and some supports have been removed.


Some of the roof supports from the left are gone and we expect the rest will be removed soon for refurbishment.


Construction vehicles take up the closed portion of the parking lot in front of the station.


Stairs leading up to the Monorail station are also being refurbished, as we can see from the lighter colored exposed supports.


This column beneath the station has been surrounded with plywood for some time now. Some of the concrete behind it has also been torn up.


Where the Moana rooms are being refurbished, scaffolding and construction walls surround the buildings.


We saw some workers outside today.


Though we saw the gutted rooms a few weeks ago, the windows are once again covered with tarps.


Aotearoa is one of the buildings being refurbished.


Are you excited for the new Moana rooms? Let us know in the comments and keep checking WDWNT for updates about Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

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  1. I’m so excited to the new Polynesian village next year and I can’t hardly wait to stay in one of the new rooms!

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