PHOTOS: Corrected “The Haunted Mansion” Door Hanger Now Available at Walt Disney World

We’ve all made foolish mistakes, but yesterday we spotted perhaps one of our favorite Disney mistakes: a Haunted Mansion door hanger with the word “foolish” misspelled as “folish.” It seems Disney received our sympathetic vibrations, as a corrected version of the door hanger has materialized overnight.

“The Haunted Mansion” Door Hanger – $7.99


The front of this door hanger has the signature purple and black wallpaper from the park attraction.


On the back are the words “Tomb Sweet Tomb” with a cloud of bats.


The correctly spelled phrase “Welcome Foolish Mortals” is printed beneath the Haunted Mansion logo.


While the misspelled door hanger was in Celebrity 5&10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we found the corrected version in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom. Which version would you rather have? Let us know in the comments.