PHOTOS: A Foolishly Misspelled “Haunted Mansion” Door Hanger Materializes at Walt Disney World

When it comes to merchandise, we love everything themed to The Haunted Mansion. However, a couple of years ago, a Haunted Mansion-themed attraction pen was sold with a memorable spelling mistake. Now, a door hanger themed from the attraction has the same misfortune! We found this folish door hanger at Celebrity 5&10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“The Haunted Mansion” Door Hanger – $7.99


The front of this door hanger has the signature purple and black wallpaper from the park attraction.


Have a closer look — can you spot the spelling error? “Folish” instead of the correct “Foolish” can be found.


The back of the door hanger features “Tomb Sweet Tomb” resembling a tomb with bats flying out from the purple background.

Will you be purchasing this Haunted Mansion door hanger?

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