PHOTOS: Bright Yellow Facade of the M&M’s Store at Disney Springs Now Complete

The M&M’s store at Disney Springs is coming together and though we don’t know an opening date, it looks like the store may be ready soon.


The facade is mostly complete, except for M&M decor.


There are rods in place for large M&Ms to be installed.


We can clearly see where nine giant M&Ms will be in place on the white part of the building.


The sweeping yellow corner of the building will have an even bigger, red M&M sticking out from the front.


There are even wires visible for lighting up the M&M sign.


We could see workers on the other side of the windows.


The yellow overhang is above the store’s front entrance, although it appears yellow in the concept art.


According to the concept art, the edges of the yellow portion of the facade will also be lit-up. The glass doors will have M&M-shaped handles.

The M&M’s store was delayed due to COVID-19, but will open this year. Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

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Jeannette Sanchez
Jeannette Sanchez
9 months ago

I can’t wait for the M&M Store in Disney Springs is going to be awesome!