PHOTOS: NEW 2021 Pressed Pennies and Medallions Arrive at Walt Disney World

Collectible 2021 pressed pennies and medallions are now available in machines throughout Walt Disney World.


At least two pressed penny machines in Magic Kingdom have 2021 designs. Both can be found in the Emporium.


Half of the designs in each machine have 2021 on them. In this first machine, you’ll find Daisy, Pluto, a pirate ship, and Donald with the 2021 stamp.


The other four coins in this machine feature Minnie and Mickey, Pluto and Mickey, Snow White, and Tinker Bell.


The machines all have examples of what a final pressed penny looks like.


The second machine has different designs.


The 2021 designs feature Mickey and Minnie, Chip and Dale, Cinderella Castle, and Donald and Daisy.


One penny is $1 or guests can get all eight in a machine for $5.


The other four in this machine feature Minnie and Daisy, Tigger and Winnie-the-Pooh, Princess Aurora, and Mickey with Goofy and Donald.


Of course, we had to pick up some of the new designs.


We found another machine in EPCOT offering a 2021 design.


This machine only has three designs to begin with. The new 2021 penny has Dale on Chip’s shoulders. The other two designs are of Jessica Rabbit and Jack Jack.


While crank machines are gone from Walt Disney World, this machine still lets you put in your own coins. One of these pressed pennies is 51 cents and there is not an option to get all three for a discount.


Back in Magic Kingdom, the collectible medallions machine is tucked into another corner of the Emporium.


There are four medallion designs that remain the same. However, the back of the medallions has been updated with a 2021 design.


These medallions are $5 for each or $15 for all four. On their fronts, the medallions feature either Minnie and Mickey, Donald, Pluto, or Goofy.


The back of the medallions has Cinderella Castle with “2021” next to it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any medallions of our own as the machine was broken during our visit.


Do you collect Disney pressed pennies or medallions? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hate the new automatic machines (8 for $5 ones), any penny collector would tell you, the true joy is when you bring your own copper pennies (pre 1982) and use the hand crank machines.

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