Pirates of the caribbean queue

PHOTOS: Plexiglass Dividers Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Queue at the Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom has been getting a lot of love lately, with a new attraction sail debuting a few days ago. Today, it seems that the queue received some new additions to help with distancing.


New plexiglass and metal dividers have been added to only a portion of the Pirates queue. The dividers are connected to the stanchions that usually hold the chains that make up the queue lines.


These new additions will create a division between guests as they pass each other in this small corridor once inside.


The dividers have a metal lower half and plexiglass above encased in a metal frame. The dividers accompany the social distancing markers that show guests where to stand as they wait in line. These additions added several more spots for guests to stand in this area, as the center lane had nearly no markers at all.


There have been other safety measures recently added at Walt Disney World, such as the plastic dividers added to the Disney World Monorails. They also have dividers on other attractions, such as the “it’s a small world” boats. These increased safety measures will most likely continue to pop up as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest news regarding COVID-19 safety precautions at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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7 months ago

So who cleans all this plexiglass and how often? Studies show more air filtration and circulation helps take the micro droplets with virus out of the air. It seems to me all this plexiglass just keeps any microdroplets in the air longer, plus providing another surface for other unseen germs and visible dirt to collect. (And forget about it if you have any amount of claustrophobia!) wouldn’t more fans and air filtration be a better choice?

Last edited 7 months ago by Rachelle
7 months ago
Reply to  Rachelle

This Plexi thing is getting out of han, we go to one of the parks every weekend, usley disney every other and UO on the opposite,UO lets you take pictures with out masks, no plexi dividers and filling all the seats. Disney is plexi dividers even on the rides, keep you mask on at all times or well through you out. WDW need to unders stand, more so Bob needs to understand, there not gonna let him open DL until the Governor is recalled. the Plexi like you have stated is a petri dish, and on rides, lets look at… Read more »