REVIEW: NEW Cotton Candy Cupcake is Sweet As Can Be at the Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace


REVIEW: NEW Cotton Candy Cupcake is Sweet As Can Be at the Magic Kingdom

Alongside the new pineapple cupcake (and cookie and fudge) in the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom, guests will also find a new cotton candy cupcake. After we had our fill of pineapple, we went back for this sweet treat.

Cotton Candy Cupcake – $5.19


The buttercream frosting on this cupcake was fresh and sweet. It also tasted just like cotton candy!


The frosting is white on one side and pink on the other, making it a cute cupcake from all angles.


With the frosting concentrated in the center, there wasn’t an overabundance as there sometimes is on Disney cupcakes. However, you still get soft, sweet sprinkles along the outer edges for a festive touch.


The Minnie Mouse ears on top were semi-sweet chocolate and surprisingly tasty. The Minnie bow was white chocolate.


The cupcake itself was slightly pink and had a gentle cotton candy taste. It was moist and fresh.


It was tasty, but true to its namesake. If you’re a cotton candy lover, this treat is for you. If not, it might be too sweet and strongly flavored. We’re glad we tried it, but we don’t necessarily feel the need to get it again.

What about you? Would you try a cotton candy cupcake? Let us know in the comments.