REVIEW: Move Over, Dole Whip… NEW Pineapple Cupcake, Frosted Cookie, and Fudge Arrives at the Magic Kingdom

It’s apparently pineapple season at the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom. There are three new pineapple snacks available: a cupcake, a cookie, and fudge. We tried all three so we could discover which was the perfect pineapple pastry.


Pineapple Cupcake – $5.19


The frosting on this cupcake seemed to be a mix of pineapple and plain buttercream. It was delicious and made for a gentle pineapple flavor instead of an overpowering one. It also had pieces of dried, candied pineapple on top.


With a swirl of frosting concentrated in the center, there wasn’t an overabundance of it like there sometimes can be with Disney cupcakes.


The Mickey ears on top were semi-sweet chocolate, and were actually pretty tasty, despite these usually being an afterthought in terms of taste and quality.


This cupcake base was comprised of a moist vanilla cake.


Overall, this was a good cupcake, even if it is relatively simple. If it’d had some kind of filling, we would get it again, but as it is, we’re fine just getting it once.

Pineapple Fudge – $4.39


The fudge had a strong pineapple flavor, but unfortunately, it leaned on the medicinal.


Pineapple flavoring just didn’t translate well into fudge. Plus, it lingers for an unpleasant aftertaste.


The fudge itself is creamy and well made.


We were excited to try this, but ultimately we didn’t like it and wouldn’t get it again.

Pineapple Cookie – $5.49


This was a basic Mickey sugar cookie, and admittedly a bit dry and crumbly despite being frosted.


The yellow icing was faintly flavored with pineapple. So faintly, in fact, we at first thought it might have still been the fudge’s aftertaste.


The green icing is flavorless, but both icing colors give a boost of sweetness to the cookie.


The presentation was cute. It’s a nice treat, although it’s good to have a drink ready as it might make you thirsty. We’re glad we got it, but we won’t get it again.

Will you be trying one of these pineapple treats or sticking with Dole Whip (maybe even a pineapple full of Dole Whip)? Let us know in the comments.

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8 months ago

I’ll be getting the cupcake. They can keep the rest. Pineapple fudge and cookies sound horrible anyway before your review.

8 months ago

I think I am going to stick with my favorite, Dole Whip!!!