PHOTOS: Construction Workers Spotted as Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island Refurbishment Continues at the Magic Kingdom

Greetings from the Magic Kingdom! Work has been moving along steadily on the refurbishment of the Rivers of America, so we thought we’d see what’s new.


At least from the visible portions, the new track for the Liberty Square Riverboat is in place. Near the dock, the pile of track is gone, suggesting it’s all been installed.


Near Harper’s Mill on Tom Sawyer Island, we spotted construction workers and their vehicles.


Three of them seemed to be examining the recently-laid track.


Since our last visit, scaffolding now completely surrounds Harper’s Mill, which looks to be receiving a touch-up during the island’s refurbishment.


With the riverbed dry, we can see where the divider is between the riverbank and the island.


More workers were seen further down the river into Frontierland, with more excavation possibly needed.


Activity seemed to be busiest over by Tom’s Landing, with scaffolding set up by the dock entrance. It may not be the best way to preserve the “magic” for guests, but it should prove to be efficient.


The refurbishment of the Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island is expected to run through February 28th, reopening to guests in March.

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