REVIEW: Striped Caramel Marshmallow Wand, Strawberry Minnie Mouse and “Bee Mine” Crispy Treats Arrive for Valentine’s Day at Disneyland Resort

It’s that sweet time of year again when Disneyland Resort celebrates Valentine’s Day. This year, while couples may not be able to celebrate with a trip inside Disneyland Park, the resort is still offering some red and pink desserts for everyone to enjoy.


Let’s dig right into these desserts!

Strawberry Minnie Mouse Crispy Treat – $5.99


This white chocolate covered crispy treat has a candy Minnie bow on top, and is covered in freeze dried strawberry crumbs.


Under the pink white chocolate is a brick of sweet crispy treat.


This strawberry infused wand is a little bit stale and hard to chew. The treat feels very heavy and compacted down. One upside to this treat is the subtle strawberry flavor that complimented the marshmallow very well without overpowering the original flavor. The outside is coated in freeze dried strawberries which adds some tartness, but not too much. Overall, this treat is probably a pass as it’s very dry, and in our mind not worth the price.

Striped Marshmallow Wand with Caramel – $4.99


This marshmallow treat is covered in chocolate, with red and pink striped frosting on top!


Between the marshmallows and the chocolate is a delightful caramel surprise!


Out of all the new treats, this marshmallow wand is the best. The chocolate is thin and breaks very easily. The chocolate itself is very good, not too sweet but not too bitter. The marshmallow is dense and fluffy as you would hope!

The caramel on the inside of the wand is by far the best part. It is not only delicious, but also helps break up the strong marshmallow flavor. For the price, this would be our go-to pick!

“Bee Mine” Heart Shaped Crispy Treat – $5.99


This heart shaped treat has a thick layer of red chocolate frosting on the top, with an adorable bee design made out of additional frosting and a bee candy.


Much like the strawberry Minnie crispy, this treat is very dry and stale. I’m pretty sure if we threw this at the ground it wouldn’t break. There is no additional flavoring to the treat, but the red chocolate frosting is very sweet and makes for a cute Valentine’s Day treat. The best thing about this treat is most definitely its instagrammable appearance.

We found these new offerings at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure. Check out some of the other sweet Valentine’s options being offered by Disney this year! With the food also comes some adorable Valentine’s merchandise.

Do you plan on trying some of the sweet treats Disneyland Resort is offering for Valentine’s Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!