WATCH TONIGHT: The Lost Disney Circle-Vision Film “Portraits of Canada” from Expo ’86 with Director’s Commentary!

While many remember the artistic presence of Walt Disney at the fabled 1964 New York World’s Fair, few know of the other world’s fair endeavors taken up by his company in the years after. Tonight, WDWNT is proud to bring one of those experiences back to life with behind the scenes footage and director’s commentary!

Photo provided by Jeff Blyth

For the Expo ’86 World’s Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Disney produced “Portraits of Canada” – a Circle-Vision film that celebrates all corners of the host country. The film is directed by Jeff Blyth, who many know for his other Disney Circle-Vision projects, including “Timekeeper” and “Wonders of China.”

“Portraits,” not to be confused with EPCOT’s “O Canada” Circle-Vision film, had no viewing home after its Expo ’86 run and had been thought lost. Luckily, we have acquired a three-screen version that pans between the nine total cameras. The film has also been HD up-converted from a low quality standard resolution file for as best a screening as possible.

A combined image of a Circle-Vision moment in “Portraits of Canada”

Also, thanks to director Jeff Blyth, the screening contains not only a director’s commentary, but additional behind the scenes pictures and footage – showcasing the fascinating process of filming in Circle-Vision.

So join us tonight at 8:30 PM EST on our WDWNT Youtube page for the 20 minute premiere of “Portraits of Canada” with director’s commentary!

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