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Judge Rules Disney Must Pay Over $300,000 for Effects Used in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

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The Walt Disney Company must pay up for unlicensed visual effects used in “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Beauty and the Beast” Lawsuit

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Per Courthouse News, on Friday, April 19, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in Oakland ruled that the Walt Disney Company must pay Rearden LLC $345,098 from the money earned by the 2017 live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.” Rearden had been suing for up to $38 million, claiming that their visual effects technology was used by Disney without a license. The technology, which has been called MOVA, helped to create the appearance of the Beast’s face.

Beauty and the Beast 2017 still

Judge Tigar agreed that Disney was in fact liable for copyright infringement, however found the $38 million unjust, as much of the film’s profits could be attributed to things outside of Rearden LLC’s technology. In a statement, Judge Tigar said:

“Disney met its burden of proving the profits from ‘BATB’ were substantially attributable to factors other than the infringement, including but not limited to: fanship for the 1991 animated movie; Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle; the story; the Disney brand; the music; the overall cast; and the thousands of individuals and hundreds of vendors that worked on the movie for more than two years.”

You may recall that back in December, a California jury found that Disney owed Rearden LLC for copyright infringement. The reason for this second ruling is that the first was only an advisory verdict, and Judge Tigar needed to come up with his own calculation on what Rearden LLC would be owed. This new ruling has officially decided that amount.

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