PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/17/21 (Wet Weather, New Pins, Trinket Trays, Snacks, and Photo Tips)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/17/21 (Wet Weather, New Pins, Trinket Trays, Snacks, and Photo Tips)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/17/21 (Wet Weather, New Pins, Trinket Trays, Snacks, and Photo Tips)

Hey everyone! Welcome to this cold, wet, dreary day at Epcot! Wait… what?


Ok, so the day wasn’t bright and sunny, on the other hand, it wasn’t grueling hot and the perpetual light misting was actually kind of a nice change of pace.


Eventually it stopped, but the weather kept cool and the dreaded humid heat did not follow.


Even EPCAT came out to roam around but was quickly spotted by security. Security went around asking guests if they had seen the alleged kitty, but we told them we were no rats. No offense Remy…


Karma paid off and we were the first to see the new WandaVision pins be put out at Epcot at Pin Traders for $15.99, a limited release worth the money.


From there the hunt began for the new Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray and it was not where we thought it would be. The wonderful cast members at Mouse Gear helped us locate this elusive little treasure which ended up being at Port of Entry of all places for $17.99.


We couldn’t help but compare it to the real thing, if anything, this alone was worth it.


As we made our way around, checking out construction, flower and garden additions, the rain started up again and we ducked for cover in The Land. Then, our Disney sense began to tingle and realized, Garden Grill was rotating once again. One of our favorite restaurant experiences was once again whole!


Walking out of The Land we got a sneak peak at the butterfly enclosure to see signs and butterfly habitats all set up.


From there we went to check out the France Pavilion for any new additions to Ratatouille and is it just us, or was this flower smiling?


Well that flower may or may not have been smiling, but this one was surely getting into the Disney spirit forming a hidden mickey, well at least we think it looked like one.


On our journey around the world we stopped in Morocco, a weird choice you may ask with most of it closed, yes. Something felt different though as we spotted this kiosk in the Bazaar and had to see what was going on, and we didn’t leave disappointed. In fact, check out our review of the new cart in Morocco Pavilion Bazar post and if you get the chance, definitely try it for yourself.


After we stopped for a quick bite at Goshiki because we had yet tried the sushi donut this year, a crime I know, but one easily rectified. Fresh, delicious, and the size of a big donut was well worth the $8.25 price tag.


Walking by the Italy Pavilion we saw something rather impressive, a family trying to take a family picture but not wanting to ask anyone, their youngest daughter found a solution. On the bridge she had placed her phone in this exact spot, put a timer on and took the picture. Trying it ourselves, not only was our phone safe and secure without fear of falling, it took a great picture.


Next time you find yourself in Italy, take a picture and let us know if it worked for you as well.


As promised, we kept an eye out to see if there were any new 3D chalk drawings and assuming because of the wet weather, we found nothing but an empty sidewalk canvas once again. Sorry, everyone, we miss it just as much as you.


Next to the land walking to the front of the park we saw this in the water, and are still puzzled to exactly what it is, speculations?


See, even the cloudiest and rainiest of days will have a rainbow and that rainbow is the fun we have at Epcot, despite the weather.


And with that we leave today and head off in to tomorrow, until then, have a magical day!