REVIEW: Chick Peas, Nuts & Dates, Olives, Sangria, and More Available at NEW Snack Cart in Morocco Pavilion Bazaar at EPCOT

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Today we discovered that a new snack cart has found its way to the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT. The cart is located in the covered market and features some Moroccan snacks including Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas, Mixed Nuts and Dates, Mediterranean Olives and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


It’s a decent sized menu for a stand.


The snacks are packaged so you can eat on the go. You can also enjoy them at the tables now situated in the market area.


Maeloc Hard Cider is available for $11 and bottled Casa Beer is available for $9.75.


There’s also shareable red or white sangria which serves two people for $20.


The Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas caught our eye first, so we decided to give them a try.

Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas – $4.25


You can see from the picture above that the chick peas were generously coated with seasoning. We thought these were amazing. The seasoning was not too salty and we noticed a slight curry flavor that reminded us of cardamon and cumin.

Mediterranean Olives – $5.25


The Mediterranean Olives are tossed in a house-made marinade and featured a variety of different kinds of olives including green, kalamata, whole cloves of garlic, pepper bits, and pickles. This was a good-sized portion for the price point.


There’s a good balance of salty and acidity of the olives to the marinade. We noticed hints of citrus and possibly cayenne pepper. Due to the subtle heat, this would pair well with the sangria or Casa Beer. The pickled garlic could have been crunchier, but we could have just received a soggy one.


We were really impressed with these olives even though we’re not usually fans. We would definitely purchase them again.

Mixed Nuts and Dates – $6.00


The Mixed Nuts and Dates are coated in an oat flour seasoning that is different than the chickpeas we sampled and feature a variety of nuts including cashews, almonds, peanuts, and some dates.


We couldn’t sample these nuts due to an allergy, but we thought they looked delicious. These would also pair nicely with one of the beverages offered at the snack cart.


Overall, we think this new snack cart is a nice addition to Morocco and brings some much needed life to the back portion of the pavilion.

We also recently discovered this new spice display at the nearby Spice Road Table, and also dined at the now Disney operated establishment.

What will you be trying from the new Morocco Pavilion snack cart? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hungry Catfish
Hungry Catfish
9 months ago

Thanks, helpful. Oak flour? Maybe oat? Keep these coming, good to know what’s changing.

Sheena Livsay
Sheena Livsay
9 months ago

Great Heads-up! Was looking for something new and exotic to snack on. We have not visited Morocco in a while so this is great to know.

Cast Member
Cast Member
9 months ago

Thanks to the photographer for chatting with us Cast Members at the stand yesterday! Glad that my hand made it into a photo with that Casa beer haha. Excited to have our new food & beverage selections for everyone to enjoy… stop by to see us the next time you come to Epcot!

– Cast Member