PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/26/21 (Signs, Construction, Popsockets, MagicBands, and Springtime)



PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/26/21 (Signs, Construction, Popsockets, MagicBands, and Springtime)

Hey everyone, welcome to another day at the Magic Kingdom! We’d like to say some pretty amazing stuff is happening, but to be honest, it’s rather just “business as usual” at the park today.


With monorails running smoothly as well as the fairy boats, the bus we took to the park was rather empty and pretty expedient getting us to the park. In fact, we didn’t have to wait at all to board a bus, and the trip was much faster than the previously mentioned. If you don’t mind missing the monorail or boat experiences, take the bus.


New signage appeared as the Cinderella Castle stage and its surrounding area are still under construction as preparations continue for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.


The Peoplemover is still being worked on as well. With no date being officially released as of when it will open, all we can say is it’ll open up eventually.


In the theme of this photo report, another sign showing another attraction still closed without any expectations of a reopening date.


Bonjour Village Gifts doesn’t get a nifty sign, just the small one on the window. We’ll keep you updated when it does finally open.


Peter Pan’s Flight is still being worked on, but at least it’s still open to the public and allows us to fly with Tinkerbell on one of our favorite classic attractions.


TRON Lightcycle / Run is moving ahead at a decent rate with the outside tracks progressing every day. Construction was active today with workers on high reaches.


In the Emporium, we spotted two new PopSockets products for the Disney fan. These cost $29.99 plus tax. Not only are these accessories a great way to hold onto your phone, but it’s nice to have a place to keep your key to the world or credit card for fast access.


A new limited edition Dooney & Burke MagicBand showed up in the Emporium as well for $58. For more information on that, check out the post here.


But hey, with all of that aside, the weather was beautiful today at the park with completely clear skies.


The Dapper Dans add their touch of magic around the park.


Stitch offering us a dance, or wanting some of our popcorn — on second thought, he probably just wanted some popcorn.


We hung out with one of Cinderella’s step-sisters for a while and she might be getting a little less wicked.


We found the Main Street bypass open to the front of the park, just in time to see some characters greeting guests.


We love that big cuddly Pooh bear. Although, this got us craving the one thing the park seemed to be lacking: anything with honey.


At Disney’s Polynesian Resort, the local water fun spot is still being worked on — or at least it was. Maybe they were on a lunch break at this time.


This was the same with the front of the resort. Maybe coming around at noon wasn’t the best idea to see how fast work is being done. Also, that we should probably stop skipping lunch as well. It’s not healthy.


Construction on Floridian Way is still moving forward, although we can’t really seem to picture the final outcome. Hopefully as time goes on we’ll get a better image to go off of, perhaps some new concept art.


We leave you today to ponder this fitting quote, “Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

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  1. I enjoyed your article today we have never been to Disney World I have been to Disney land. my wife and feel like you do except we sail on Disney cruise line this will be # 15 it does feel like home!

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