PHOTOS: New “La Gelateria” Stand Closer to Completion in Italy Pavilion at EPCOT

A couple of weeks ago, we saw that the stonework and roofing were almost complete at the new La Gelateria Stand in EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion. Today, we went over to see how far the construction has come along since.


As you can see, the building is definitely coming along! The structure looks complete with the window awnings installed. However, facade work is still very much in progress.


Stonework is in the process of being completed on the walkway.


The stonework, tiles, and small details (like the small-paned windows and chimneys) fit perfectly into the pavilion’s theming.


The new quick-service location is just to the right of Enoteca Castello, the Italy Pavilion’s wine shop.


Are you excited to visit La Gelateria when it opens? What gelato flavors are you hoping to find there? Let us know in the comments below!