PHOTOS: “The Bourne Stuntacular” Seating Every Other Row Once Again at Universal Studios Florida

Just a few days ago, we visited “The Bourne Stuntacular” at Universal Studios Florida, and were shocked that the attraction was no longer leaving every other row empty. This lead to guests sitting directly in front of or behind each other. Since then, the attraction has reverted back to its old physical distancing measures.


According to Team Members, filling every row was a test and—after many guest complaints—they have gone to back to seating every other row.


When the attraction first opened, every other row was roped off. There is now nothing blocking the seats, but Team Members are directing guests to the correct rows.


Two seats are left open between each party. Originally, three seats were left open, but they have lowered the number to two so as to increase the attraction’s capacity.

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As Universal Orlando Resort’s newest attraction, it’s no wonder that “The Bourne Stuntacular” is popular and Universal wants to increase its capacity.


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Have you experienced “The Bourne Stuntacular”? What are your thoughts about the changing physical distancing protocols?