baby Yoda macaroon

REVIEW: The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” Blue Macaron Lands at Walt Disney World

The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” macaron made the jump to lightspeed and has arrived at the Confectionery at the Magic Kingdom. This is the way.

Baby Yoda Macaroon – $4.49


This macaron is inspired by Season 2, Episode 4 of The Mandalorian, “The Siege”. The Child (lovingly referred to as Baby Yoda), is briefly left unattended by The Mandalorian and finds himself unable to resist these bright blue cookies. What ensued was an adorable image of The Child munching on a galactic treat, and fans went crazy.


According to Good Morning America, The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau received so much interest in these adorable treats that he went on to make the macarons on a Youtube show “Binging with Babish”, which you can watch here.


Blue food is not new in the Star Wars world, as fans will remember the famous Blue Milk from the original Star Wars film. Blue Milk made its way into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so it makes sense that its color-coordinating cookie should join too.


The macaron is excessively sweet, yet somehow still “blue” in flavor. The treat was sticky for a macaron, but not overly so.


Surprisingly, this small treat did not turn our tongue blue, although that was unexpected considering the obvious amount of bright blue food coloring used.


Although cute for a picture, we don’t feel the need to buy this macaron again for the taste, and probably because of the price point for such a small treat.


Can’t get enough of “Baby Yoda”? Catch The Mandalorian on Disney+ today!