Brown Ale & Bacon Ice Cream Salt and Straw

REVIEW: Brown Ale & Bacon Ice Cream From Salt and Straw Bitterly Disappoints at Disneyland Resort

Another trip to Disneyland Resort means another sampling of Salt and Straw’s ice cream. The Downtown Disney establishment has new flavors to try this month from their Vault Series, where they re-release past offerings for a limited time. We’ve tried the Salted Caramel Cupcake Ice Cream, and today we gave a different flavor a try.

Salted caramel cupcake salt and straw

There are five flavors this month that Salt and Straw is offering from their Vault Series. This trip we gave the Brown Ale & Bacon a taste.

Brown Ale & Bacon Ice Cream – $6.25 (for one scoop)

When Salt & Straw opened, maple bacon was everywhere, so we would have been remiss to completely skip the trend. In true early form, we wanted our take to be unique, so we went to an unconventional partner for the answer: a brewer. Brown ale has a sweet maple-y flavor. This flavor marked our first-ever collaboration with a local brewery, now a favorite of ours, and presented the challenge on how to mimic their brewing process in ice cream.


The base of this flavor almost tasted like artificial maple ice cream. There were pieces of sugary roasted bacon that were okay, and added a crunchy texture. They basically tasted like candied bacon.


The ale flavor was very subtle, the maple stood out more in comparison. The texture was fine, smooth and not too heavy.


The combination of the bacon, maple and ale simply did not compliment each other. It left a almost bitter bacon aftertaste.


This would not be our highest pick from the vault collection, it tastes mostly artificial and has an unpleasant aftertaste. Overall, we were very disappointed with this offering.

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