VIDEO: Disneyland Paris Digitally Removes Tiger Lily and Indian Village from Peter Pan’s Flight Video, Worldwide Ride Changes Likely Coming Soon



VIDEO: Disneyland Paris Digitally Removes Tiger Lily and Indian Village from Peter Pan’s Flight Video, Worldwide Ride Changes Likely Coming Soon

A spokesman from Disneyland Paris states that a brief scene showing Tiger Lily and her Native American tribe has been removed from an informational video that was released about the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction. This video is a part of the “Ride & Learn” series that was posted on Disneyland Paris’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

Thank you to @DLPReport for the side by side video comparing the attraction with the edited promotional video.

Tiger Lily appears inside Skull Rock in the attraction, but the video shows where she was edited out, leaving behind a small glimpse of her dress. As the attraction progresses, several Native Americans are seen chanting and beating on drums. In the informational video, however, that scene is skipped entirely and the finale of the attraction takes its place, with Peter Pan and Wendy Darling sailing away on their Pixie Dust covered ship. The spokesman cannot comment on whether or not the actual figures will be removed from the attraction. You can view the edited version of the video below.

This all circles back to the Walt Disney Company’s Stories Matter initiative, designed to better represent people and cultures in Disney stories. Disney+ recently removed several classic Disney films from children’s profiles of the streaming service because of this initiative. Multiple films on Disney+, including Peter Pan and Aladdin, also have statements before the films stating that they aim to “create a better and more inclusive future together”.


Of course, Splash Mountain and The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland and Walt Disney World are already scheduled to receive cultural sensitivity changes in the near future. It seems likely that the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction at various parks around the world will be next in line for such alterations.

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  1. This worries me, what next remove the whole of ‘it’s a small world?’ Disney has been hit by the woke brigade. Everything offends. It does not surprise me it’s DLP as the French love pen pushing.

  2. Idiocrasy! Disney is losing me more and more. You cant change the past only learn from it. These should be talking moments with each other not cancel moments. Its my favorite disney ride.

  3. my family has been to Disney over 40 times in the past 10, we enjoyed the culture and teaching my kids about the past and world history. We can’t forget the past! Not everyone is offended by real history. We are offended by the changes Disney is making! We made the decision to no longer visit any Disney establishment again. :( Sorry but no ever asked us or sent us a survey to see if we are “Offended “.

  4. This is so stupid, but whatever. I’m part Cherokee Indian and It didn’t offend me. I guess Disney is only going off of what the mob is saying and not with the actual people from that culture think. Typical.

  5. i thought the woke movement exists only in the United States, Didnt know the french were offended by negative depictions of native americans

  6. How is removing Tiger Lily being “inclusive”? In the movie, she is Peter’s friend and he rescues her from Hook. Let’s not erase her.

  7. But… was there anything culturally insensitive about the depiction of Native American Indians in the ride? I’m not against being aware of and ending stereotyping and removing negative depictions – I am 100% behind the removal of the whore auction on PotC, and “historical accuracy” is in no way, shape or form a valid reason to continue harming minorities or women (Disney has never been historically accurate in the least)… but neither Peter Pan’s flight nor Splash Mountain, as far as I could tell, had any negative depictions of anyone or anything, despite the films being questionable (at best). Now, I understand Splash being overhauled for financial reasons, but Peter Pan’s Flight? Idgi…

  8. Its cancel culture at work. They had it in France first, and they don’t want it back. Be careful what you wish for America!!!! Peter Pan’s flight has been a must do for my family since 1975. Liked how the track was above giving the illusion of flight. My kids in their 20s still think that Peter Pan’s flight is a must do.

  9. Seems to me the more we sanitize and homogenize everything by removing so called stereotypes the more we end up with no cultural diversity. Just white Wendy and white Peter I thought we wanted to be more inclusive not more white!

  10. How do we get our Disney back? Where are our fighters, people that would like to preserve Disney traditions and Walt’s legacy? Is there no one left to fight?

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