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National Treasure TV Series Starring Latina Character Coming to Disney+

A 10-episode series in the National Treasure franchise will be premiering exclusively on Disney+. Directed by Mira Nair (Queen of Katwe), the series follows 20-year-old Latina Jess Morales, who seeks to solve her family’s mysteries and discover treasure.

Image credit: Disney

National Treasure director Jerry Bruckheimer returns, as well as two writers, Marianne and Cormac Wibberley. No release date or cast has been announced at this time.


  1. so this is about all the latino’s national treasure? should be interesting to find out about mexico’s, central and south america’s, and spain’s national treasure, eh?

    1. You realize that Latinos may be living right down the street from you and are, gasp, Americans! Spooky! Thanks for playing.

      1. You realize that he was simply pointing out the obvious pandering, shark jumping and gasp, wokeness Disney is currently blatantly exhibiting, correct? Next comes a remake of The Love Bug starring a Kia in place of the colonizing, awful Western European VW Beetle. Thanks for playing.

        1. It’s red meat for y’all. You just can’t stand to see any kind of change in representation. Looks like it isn’t just your game anymore.

  2. Great that the movies have finally got a follow up. Jerry Bruckheimer was the executive producer, Jon Turteltaub was the director.

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