Disney CEO Bob Chapek States Guest Satisfaction at Parks is Higher Now Compared to Pre-Pandemic



Disney CEO Bob Chapek States Guest Satisfaction at Parks is Higher Now Compared to Pre-Pandemic



Disney CEO Bob Chapek States Guest Satisfaction at Parks is Higher Now Compared to Pre-Pandemic

During an interview with Bloomberg‘s Emily Chang, Disney CEO Bob Chapek discussed the improvement of guest satisfaction when Disney Parks reopened worldwide.


Chapek stated that guest satisfaction scores have improved since Disney Parks have reopened, explaining that guests are more satisfied than they were prior to the pandemic.

Our guest satisfaction scores since we’ve reopened across the world have shown that, indeed, our guests are even more satisfied [now] than they were prior to the pandemic.


He attested this to the fact that the company had to learn to operate under tight constraints to truly improve the guest experience given today’s environment.

We’ve learned some things, we’ve learned to operate under constraints all the time by delivering this great same Disney magic that you expect, but we’ve been in a fortunate situation where we’ve had a lot of demand in the past. In many cases, that has exceeded what we can actually supply in terms of how many people we can put in the park and there’s been no situation that’s been more like that than we’ve had upon reopening.


Stating that Disney has gotten better at having to operate under these constraints, Chapek believes “it’s going to create a reemergence scenario where magic is going to be even greater for our guests when they do come back to our parks.”

Source: Bloomberg Markets and Finance

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20 thoughts on “Disney CEO Bob Chapek States Guest Satisfaction at Parks is Higher Now Compared to Pre-Pandemic”

  1. Bogus! I’m at Walt Disney World right now, and that is certainly not what I see. The resorts are operating half way, guest services are not near what they used to be, and the prices haven’t come down to reflect the lessor service and value. Bob certainly doesn’t have a clue.

  2. So no shows, no fireworks, no characters, several resorts closed, several restaurants closed, and guest satisfaction is higher than it has ever been?

  3. Disney transportation has been so decimated by social distancing, that resort TV is encouraging its guests to use their own vehicles to visit the parks rather then using buses, monorails, or water transportation. Restaurants are operating on abbreviated menus, lessening their appeal, what restaurants are operating cannot adequately handle the crowds because of the limited seating/staff. Many dinning locations are only operating at select times that are very unpredictable, and again at such reduced capacity that it makes no sense. I have seen more stressed out cast members than ever before. Clearly Bob is not in touch with the organization that he has been awarded control of

  4. I am so happy Disney is open! However, a lot of the things that bring us joy are not back yet! Planning fast passes and dining reservations are part of the excitement and process for us! We can’t wait to be able to meet characters again and enjoy Disney fully!

  5. Hmmm….why don’t you ask the 30,000 WDW employees STILL desperate to start work again? Huh??

  6. Lol who are they polling? The fearful cast members? If they took the time to poll ALL guests and asked them about masks and lack of entertainment I’m sure they would get dissatisfied results. Their survey questions are clearly altered to fit their own agenda to make it seem like more people are happy to keep up the demand…

  7. BS Bob! That should be his new nickname. (p.s. i want credit for that one WDWNT) lol. We were there in December. Despite being glad to be at DisneyWorld, it is not as satisfying as before and I did not get any different feelings from other guests we saw or spoke to.

    Glad it’s there and open. But ready for a return to normal for sure

  8. That’s because they are at 35% capacity. The problem is, Disney is losing money and their own satisfaction isn’t so great. Not to mention the other 65% of people who can’t go because of the pandemic, people like me who can’t go due to all the mask requirements and closed hotels and everything else missing or reduced that I’m not the least bit satisfied.

  9. If Bob wants to know about guest satisfaction, all he has to do is book a room and stay at all Star movies, get a park pass and then go into the parks wearing disguises and see how he feels about it all. You know, be the “undercover boss.”

  10. Hey Bob, if you really want the guest satisfaction numbers to go up a letter of resignation would do wonders. Despite having no imagination, Chapek is clearly living in a fantasy.

    This man is a pestilence.

  11. Just went March 5th to the 8th, the satisfaction survey we were giving at the end of each day was about “feeling safe” nothing about how we felt the experience was. So I dunno when these surveys were conducted but i can tell you that, im planning to take my sons in FEB 2021 and unless alot of the missing magic comes back we may cancel. This is just his way to keep charging full price for 1/4 of the experience. This guy is killing the parks and i cant believe the board is letting it happen.

  12. I’ll be the voice of dissent in the comments – we LOVED our trip two weeks ago and just booked another for October. It was so nice not having huge crowds to wait for rides, things moved so quickly, I loved not being jammed into a bus like sardines, and yes, that Disney magic was absolutely there. The reduced capacity was fantastic and spoiled us for other trips. The calvacades made it easier to see our favorite characters and I felt like we saw them more than we did the previous year, pre-virus. Sure, I missed a few things but they will be back eventually. Overall, I thought it was an amazing time and it was even better than our trip in early 2020.

  13. Not even close. @DisneyBoard needs to act because this clown doesn’t even have a clue. Cutting services and the magic that goes along with it all the while continuing to raise prices (paying more for less) does not make for happy guests OR employees which translates into lost revenue. I am a loyal but VERY DISSATISFIED Disney fan.

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