Disney Store Closures to Begin March 23rd, List of Stores Revealed


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Disney Store Closures to Begin March 23rd, List of Stores Revealed


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Disney Store Closures to Begin March 23rd, List of Stores Revealed

Last week, we reported that Disney will be closing at least 20% of physical Disney Stores as the company shifts its focus to e-commerce. Using the store locator on shopDisney.com, you can now see which stores will be closing, with the first official closures beginning on or before March 23rd, 2021:


Arizona: Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale

California: Arcadia, Montclair, Roseville, San Diego, Mission Viejo, Montebello, Salinas, San Jose, Santa Monica

Colorado: Broomfield

Florida: Aventura, Tampa

Illinois: Chicago (State Street), Rosemont

Indiana: Indianapolis, Merrillville

Kansas: Overland Park

Maryland: Baltimore, Hanover

Missouri: St. Louis Galleria

New Jersey: Freehold

New York: Riverhead, Staten Island

Ohio: North Olmsted

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Springfield

Tennessee: Knoxville

Texas: El Paso, Houston (Willowbrook Mall and Memorial City), San Antonio (Ingram Park Mall, North Star Mall, Rivercenter Mall), Laredo

In Canada, the Square One location in Mississauga and the Rocky View location in Alberta are slated to be closing in the coming weeks.

disney store mall of america

Though the list isn’t yet complete, more closures will be added soon. With the shift towards e-commerce, will you miss shopping at a brick-and-mortar Disney Store? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Disney Store Closures to Begin March 23rd, List of Stores Revealed”

  1. How dumb! The Roseville Disney store is the only store we ALWAYS buy something from at the mall. Just ridiculous…there is no way we would risk our lives going to the Arden Mall.

  2. I don’t know why every location in San Antonio has to close. I am not traveling 45 minutes to shop at the outlets location and disney is not very good with standard shipping. takes weeks to get products.

  3. You gotta love it when online shopping ruins everything. Why would I look at a picture of a product online instead of activity going to the store, and look at the same product in person? In my opinion, online shopping is considered lazy.

  4. I have very few stores as it is and shopping online sucks for Canadians. Having no store to shop at will make me not spend as much until we actually go to Florida someday again. I enjoy talking to the staff and actually seeing the product prior to buying it. This is not a good move as far as I am concerned.

  5. No more Disney stuff for me it looks like. E-commerce = pay more for shipping and wait longer for the item.

  6. For those who can’t get to the parks in Florida or California, this is a treat their kids will lose out on, especially with fewer people being able to afford the parks with new ticket prices and passes! What happened to this being for every kid to enjoy?! Only the few elite will be able to afford in the near future at this rate for the parks alone and now nowhere for little kids to shop the dream! Boo greedy shareholders!

  7. This makes me sad. I get a little bit excited whenever I go to a Disney Store. They are a really fun place to shop with helpful and enthusiastic cast members.

  8. Shipping rates from the online Disney Store to Canada are extremely expansive (50$++ and with exchange rate it’s even more outrageous). For that reason only, we drive 2 hours every now and then to go to the Ottawa Disney store and then back every once in a while. Though I will always miss the experience of going to a Disney store, I would be less upset if I knew we could order online more easily…

  9. First they take away my Clearwater store, forcing me to go to Tampa for my closest store snd now they take the Tampa store away from me. Does that include the outlet too that I just found out about? This is not fair. Now I will have NO local Disney stores near to me. Just walking around those Disney stores was like therapy to me when I have had a rough week. Now they are taking the last nearby store away from me. Stop it, Disney!

  10. This is ridiculous they better not close the one in Thousand Oaks. I do not wish to do online shopping I prefer in store only wake up Disney and get back to the real world and go back to the way things used to be. I blame you Disney for going leftist in this decade. I will stand up for what is right not what the world thinks.

  11. Wow…Every time my family goes to the store they are busy. We would make it a special day to go. What about those consumers that can’t make it to the parks, this is the next best thing to be able to get merch. It is sad that children will have to look at online items and then wait for it to arrive. There is something about picking out that one special piece that they will never get again. Poor move on Disney’s part.

  12. Sad to see my hometown store in Freehold, NJ is closing. Just got a closing announcement email from ShopDisney. Sad to see but it’s a whole new world on online shopping.

  13. my kids saved all ther money to shop and the store was closed abruptly with no notice..explain that to 3 crying kids…and I had a tear also being a disney lover…

  14. I am just heartbroken at the Hanover, Maryland closure. I was a cast member there for a few months before personal issues forced me to leave. As recently as March 9th, they were listed on several job sites as hiring and I was sorely tempted to reapply, as my current job is going nowhere from a promotional sense. Several of the good folk who are working there now, I worked with then. This closure will impact them horribly! It reminds me of when many stores were closed back in the early 2000s,sold to Children’s Place, repurchased by Disney later on, and came back as pale shadows of their past! How utterly sad this is, indeed!

  15. We lost our store here in Virginia Beach VA years ago. Now we have to drive up near DC about 4 hours away. It stinks. Don’t know if clothes will fit if ordered online. Colors and patterns look different. And if you need to exchange something you have to pay return shipping.

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