New Ad Debuts Urging Guests to Visit Soon as Part of “Tomorrow Begins Today” Campaign at Walt Disney World


tomorrow begins today video

New Ad Debuts Urging Guests to Visit Soon as Part of “Tomorrow Begins Today” Campaign at Walt Disney World


tomorrow begins today video

New Ad Debuts Urging Guests to Visit Soon as Part of “Tomorrow Begins Today” Campaign at Walt Disney World

A heartwarming promotional video was released today as part of a new marketing campaign for the Walt Disney World Resort. The goal of the campaign is to encourage guests who have been avoiding theme parks due to the COVID-19 pandemic to begin booking their trips for “tomorrow”. That tomorrow does include masks though, so it appears to be sooner rather than later.

The Walt Disney World website states,

“We’re going to Walt Disney World!” With these simple words you’re closer than ever to days filled with fantastic castles and magical worlds. Days built around hope, promise, and the magic of Walt Disney World Resort. Are you ready? A great big beautiful tomorrow is just a dream away.

This promotional ad features several families visiting Walt Disney World theme parks. Face masks, modified character experiences, and safety guidelines don’t seem to hinder any of the magic for the families shown.

Walt Disney World is taking advantage of the fact that comfort levels have reached an all-time high for visiting an amusement park during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Morning Consult, 31% of surveyed individuals state they now feel comfortable visiting a theme park. This vastly differs from last spring, where that same survey found only 12% of individuals were comfortable visiting a theme park.

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9 thoughts on “New Ad Debuts Urging Guests to Visit Soon as Part of “Tomorrow Begins Today” Campaign at Walt Disney World”

    • I just went a few weeks ago. And many parts was good. But I would be lying if I said it was the same, or that I got my money’s worth.

      No character experiences? No shows? Half of the restaurants are closed? Masks constantly? No fireworks?

      Just not the same, but definitely the same price.

  1. We visited in September. We also have 4 trips planned in the next 16 months. I can say that we felt very safe when we were there back in September. as combersome as some of the safety measures may be, they are in place to keep guests safe, and Disney has done a phenomenal job doing just that! With that said, I can’t wait until we ditch the masks!!

  2. If I’m too scared to go out without my mask or don’t see the utter absurdity of wearing my mask between bites and sips, or really have any legitimate fear of catching covid AND I fear what catching covid could mean for me…then I’m not going to be going to a theme park. Wash your hands. Use your head. Respect the personal space of others. Those practices will go a lot further in protecting me than a germ sponge strapped to my face all day every day. Time to ditch the masks. If we haven’t learned to live by now then we never will and our economy will never fully recover.

  3. I canceled my trip and it will stay canceled until the masks are removed if we ever go back at all. Our last visit the food was awful quality as was the accommodation. It went down fast in the years we visited.

  4. We won’t come back until the mask mandate is lessened. The Florida heat is too much for nonstop masks. Disney should use the same mask guidelines for the theme parks as they do for the waterpark. Anytime you’re in a line or inside a building, wear a mask. When you’re outside in the open air, no mask needed. That would at least give people some relief throughout the day.

  5. Again, 31% comfortable visiting a theme park is nowhere near 100%, which is where it was probably close to prior to COVID. Disney simply won’t survive with only 31%. Get rid of masks, social distance, and plexiglass nonsense, and bring back fireworks/parades/FP+/DDP, and that number will be 90-100%.

  6. When I read these comments I can’t help but laugh. do you really think Disney has the choice to remove the safety protocols? If they were an outbreak that were traced back to a Disney theme park, the parks would be closed again which is a step backwards. do you think Disney is happy that they had to spend a million dollars on plexiglass and hand sanitizer? They really can’t risk it. Having to close down again would be a disaster. Why don’t one of you try presenting your ideas to the Florida governor’s office. My guess is they wouldn’t even honor your question with a response. Disney is a business. They’ve been shut down for a long time and need to generate some cash flow. I think they’re being very smart by proceeding slowly and cautiously to avoid another setback. Sure I miss the shows too , but when I was at magic kingdom in February the plexiglass did not take away my magic experience.

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