PHOTOS: Detective Conan World Event Coming March 12th Through August 29th to Universal Studios Japan

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTOS: Detective Conan World Event Coming March 12th Through August 29th to Universal Studios Japan

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTOS: Detective Conan World Event Coming March 12th Through August 29th to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is well-known for collaborating with outside companies to bring temporary new experiences to the park. Whether through the annual Cool Japan event or virtual reality overlays like STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 XR Ride, there’s always something unique happening at the park. This year, Universal Studios Japan has announced that last year’s Detective Conan World will return for a second (and hopefully full) run this year from March 12th through August 29th, and they’ve got some interesting additions, scrumptious treats, and adorable merchandise to accompany!


Just like last year, this year the event is tied to the release of Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, originally slated to be released last April but delayed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire event is linked to an original story linked to the film, and features the involvement of the mysterious Akai family from the series throughout.

The popular mystery-solving entertainment rally Detective Conan Mystery Challenge returns this year in an expanded venue, a special story-based soundtrack will be added to Hollywood Dream—The Ride, and Guests can experience a mystery restaurant experience this year.

Detective Conan Mystery Challenge


In the Detective Conan Mystery Challenge, Guests enjoy a story that takes place in the days before the latest movie’s events. The ending in particular features a live show full of tense action, with appearances from several characters from Detective Conan. This year, the event has evolved through the expansion of the venue and scale, as well as the addition of more live actors and the improvement of projected images and special effects to create an ultra-realistic world of Detective Conan exclusively for Universal Studios Japan.

Guests must solve mysteries and puzzles around the park, which will give a full and immersive experience that pits Guests as the detectives themselves! Only Guests who solve the mystery can experience the ending show, held at the Palace Theater in the New York area.

Detective Conan X Hollywood Dream—The Ride


Experience a special “story coaster” at Universal Studios Japan, as Hollywood Dream—The Ride fuses with the world of Detective Conan. Join Conan and Shuichi Akai through a tense car chase, experienced realistically by fusing with the coaster attraction. This is a carry over from last year, although the theme song has been updated for the new movie. Please note that this is not available on Hollywood Dream—The Ride—Backdrop.

Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant


An annual tradition, the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant has reappeared once again this year. As always, Guests will enjoy the detective experience of finding the criminal in the restaurant with Toru Amuro and Masumi Sera, the youngest sister of “Akai Family”, while enjoying a luxurious meal. Guests will also be able to take pictures with Toru, Masumi, and Sonoko Suzuki during the interval. The story goes that Jirokichi Suzuki has announced the World Sports Festival games and invited Guests to the park. But when a special set of jewels to be unveiled go missing, the characters and Guests must try to deduce what happened to them!


Universal Studios Japan also revealed the menu of the restaurant, starting with the specialty drinks. From left to right, there’s High School Girl Detective (kiwi & green apple), Cool Kid (berry soda), Triple Face (white soda), and Deduction Queen (mango & strawberry).


There are two courses to choose from. The first is the roast beef course, which comes with a poached egg and mashed potatoes.


Guests can also opt for the fish course, which is grilled flatfish served in beets. Both courses come with a welcome drink, an hors d’oeuvre plate with foie gras terrine and dried fruit canapé, trout salmon tartar with caviar, and avocado and crab gateau, and a mango mousse and cheesecake jelly for dessert.


New this year is an upcharge entree with an aged angus steak and Scottish salmon mi-cuit for an extra ¥500 ($4.67).


Children also get a delicious set of their own, with the welcome drink, potato soup, an egg and tuna canape, hamburger steak, fried crab claws, potatoes, rice, and mango mousse and cheesecake.


There’s also a special take-home item, a mystery cake. An envelope in the box will help willing Guests deduce the cake’s flavor. This is available for ¥1600 ($14.95) at the restaurant only.

Tickets can be purchased on the Universal Studios Japan website at ¥5000 ($46.72) for adults and ¥2600 ($24.30) for kids. Unlike the rest of the event, the Mystery Restaurant will only run at Lombard’s Landing through June 13th.



At Beverly Hills Boulangerie, Guests can try out Subaru Okiya’s special pot pie plate, which also includes a pastrami beef salad and a soft drink.


Also at Beverly Hills Boulangerie, there’s a Caramel & Apple Mousse themed to Conan’s iconic blue jacket.


And finally, there’s the Coffee Break, a dessert inspired by the Akais’ favorite coffee beverage. Featuring kahlua and milk flavors along with coffee jelly, this is sure to be a favorite for the adults visiting the park.


At the churro cart in front of Stage 22, the milk caramel Detective Conan churro will debut this year!


Additionally, the Beef Stew bun will also make its debut at food carts.


Meanwhile at Lombard’s Terrace, the popular crepes (lemon pie and coffee chocolate respectively) that were sold last year will return again for Guests to savor.



Universal Studios Japan offered a sneak peek at a few merchandise items coming for the mini-event, with reportedly around 50 new items in total on their way to the park!

All of these exciting offerings will come to Universal Studios Japan from March 12th through August 29th, except the Mystery Restaurant which ends June 13th. Are you a fan of Detective Conan and excited to visit Universal Studios Japan? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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