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PHOTOS: New “Beauty and the Beast” Chip Teacup Mug Hops Into Walt Disney World

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A brand new version of the Chip teacup mug from Beauty and the Beast hops into Walt Disney World today. Previously, the mug had a similar design but was slightly smaller and more simple. The new design includes a larger handle and a more unique shape.

Chip Teacup Mug — $22.99


The original Chip mug can be seen on the top shelf, compared to the new model on the bottom.


Chip now has a much bigger handle with a brighter gold detail. He has a more pronounced smile here as well.


Chip’s chip seems to be more prominent in this new design.


Perhaps the best part of this new design is the unique shape of the base of the teacup. Chip is known for hopping around the Beast’s enchanted castle. He is animated in a way that makes his ceramic nature feel more lifelike and flexible, and that includes a base that bends as he hops around. This new design still sits flat, but gives the illusion that Chip is ready to hop out of your hand and into your kitchen to join the rest of the “Beauty and the Beast” home collection.


We found this new Chip teacup at the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom.

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