REVIEW: Savory Dishes & Sweet Treats from Donald’s Quacky Duck City at Tokyo Disneyland

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REVIEW: Savory Dishes & Sweet Treats from Donald’s Quacky Duck City at Tokyo Disneyland

Donald Duck has taken over Tokyo Disneyland for the latest Disney Pal-Palooza event, Donald’s Quacky Duck City, and with it comes special new dishes to try and souvenir items to collect.

Tomorrowland Terrace

TDR TDL Tomorrowland Terrace Interior Stock

Tomorrowland Terrace is a counter service location located in Tomorrowland.

Passion Fruit-Pineapple Jellied Dessert & Vanilla Mousse – ¥550 (Souvenir Mug – ¥550)

Passion fruit and pineapple jelly, vanilla mousse, topped with passion fruit sauce

A reporter's hand holding a ceramic mug with a Donald-themed dessert inside.

This dessert comes with a souvenir ceramic cup themed to Donald’s Quacky Duck City. You also receive wrapping paper to put the mug in when you’re finished with the dessert.

A reporter's hand holding a plastic cup containing a yellow and white layered dessert with a Duck foot cookie on top.

The dessert is housed in a separate, smaller plastic cup inside so you don’t get your new souvenir mug dirty.

The Donald’s Footprint cookie on top is exactly what you want shortbread to taste like. We used to not be fans of these jelly desserts during our first trips to Tokyo Disney Resort, but have really come around to enjoying them.

A photo looking at the yellow layered dessert held inside the ceramic cup.

This dessert is very passion fruit forward, with only a hint of pineapple flavor. The mousse is very creamy. This is one to try if you’re a fan of tart desserts.

This is also available at other locations, including Sweetheart Cafe.

Rank out of 7: 6

Cheesecake – ¥550 (Souvenir Plate – ¥550)

Sweet cheesecake with lemon sauce, topped with lemon-flavored chocolate sauce and Donald’s footprint cookie

A souvenir plate for Donald's Quacky Duck City sitting on a table.

This cheesecake comes with a souvenir ceramic plate celebrating Donald’s Quacky Duck City.

A yellow cheesecake sitting in a red cardboard tray.

The cookie is the same as the last dessert, though we’re not complaining. The cheesecake itself is quite dense. We’re not too crazy about the lemon flavor here, as it somewhat tasted like a cleaning product.

A cross-section of the yellow cheesecake.

The overall flavor is very tart and artificial in nature, due to the lemon chocolate sauce. The cake underneath is moist and light, but the artificial flavoring is far too chemical in taste to enjoy.

The cheesecake and souvenir plate are also available at other locations, like Sweetheart Cafe.

Rank out of 7: 2

Toontone Treats

The exterior of Toontone Treats in Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland.

Toontone Treats is a food truck-styled wagon located in Toontown, parked outside of Goofy’s house.

Donald Duck’s Harmony Frosty (Ramune & Yogurt) – ¥700

Frosty featuring pineapple, ramune, and yogurt flavors

A reporter's hand holding Donald Duck's Harmony Frosty.

This frosty is made up of frozen ramune topped with yogurt. A similar option was available during the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary celebration, but we may like this new version better.

The combination of the frozen ramune, a Japanese soda, and yogurt is perfection. The pineapple yogurt topping is fantastic, and goes so nicely with the lemon-lime ramune.

A look inside at the yogurt topping on the drink.

Additionally, this frozen treat holds up really well, even if it’s hot out, which is ideal for summer in Tokyo. It’s sweet, refreshing, and definitely a must-get for us.

Rank out of 7: 7

Huey, Dewey, & Louie’s Good Time Cafe

The exterior of Huey, Dewey & Louie's Good Time Cafe in Toontown.

This counter service restaurant is owned by Donald Duck’s mischievous nephews, and is located in Toontown.

Mango & Lemon Sparkling Drink – ¥700

Sparkling beverage with diced mango and lemon wedges

A reporter's hand holding the Mango & Lemon Sparkling Drink.

This drink is fantastic, as the sparkling specialty drinks in the park tend to be. It has a really tart, strong mango flavor, which is cut on the back end by the lemon flavoring. The lemon comes from the soda, making the drink refreshing and sweet.

A closer look at the popping candy that tops the drink.

Keeping with the wacky theme brought on by Donald, the drink is topped with popping candy, which pairs nicely with the carbonation. There is also diced mango, which we couldn’t tell if it was actual mango or mango candy. Either way, it is excellent.

Rank out of 7: 6

Souvenir Coaster – ¥600

A reporter's hand holding a souvenir coaster for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

This Donald’s Quacky Duck City-themed rubber coaster is offered as an add-on purchase with beverages in the park.

The back of the souvenir coaster.

The back reads “Disney Pal-Palooza Donald’s Quacky Duck City Tokyo Disneyland.”

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

The exterior of Grandma Sara's Kitchen in Tokyo Disneyland.

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen is a counter service restaurant located in Critter Country, to the side of Splash Mountain.

Special Set – ¥2,040

Hamburger and hashed beef omelet rice, mango mont blanc, and choice of soft drink

The Donald's Quacky Duck City Special Set sitting on a table.

We were not particularly excited to dine at Grandma Sara’s Kitchen, as the options tend not to be great. We find this special set to be just okay. It is offered with an entree, soft drink, and dessert.

A close-up of the special set entree, hamburger and hashed beef omelet rice.

The entree comes with an egg with cheese feet and crunchy onion on top of a hamburger steak, layered on omelet rice that’s covered in gravy. We find the hamburger steak to be thick, but entirely basic. We’d liken it to a school cafeteria meatloaf.

A cross-section of the omelet rice.

The omelet rice is less watery than we’ve typically found, which we like.

A reporter's hand holding the Special Set entree in front of a section of Splash Mountain.

Overall, this isn’t an option we’d recommend, but it’s fine and could be good for picky eaters.

Rank out of 7: 3

A reporter's hand holding the Mango Mont Blanc in a cardboard tray.

The mango mont blanc that comes in the special set is worthy of its own review, as it’s that fantastic. Tokyo Disney Resort has done several mont blanc flavors that are usually pretty good, and this one is no exception. It has a rich mango flavor that’s not too tart.

A cross-section of the Mango Mont Blanc.

The popping candy makes another appearance on top of this dessert. The mango flavor is rich and strong, but not overly tart. It has the right amount of sweetness. The cake is beautifully soft and pairs well with the creamy topping.

Our only complaint is that you have to buy the special set to get this dessert. While it’s only ¥2,040, we think you could do better for that price at Tokyo Disneyland.

Rank out of 7: 6

Ice Cream Cones

The entrance to Ice Cream Cones in Tokyo Disneyland.

Ice Cream Cones is a counter service located in World Bazaar.

Cheese Whip & Mango Special Sundae – $780

Sundae with pineapple-flavored blue jelly, diced mango, topped with cheese-flavored whipped cream and Donald’s footprint cookie

A reporter's hand holding the Cheese Whip & Mango Special Sundae.

This special sundae for Donald’s Quacky Duck City is topped with two more shortbread feet cookies, which are still just as delicious as the first time we tried them.

A top-down view of the special sundae.

The ice cream is very milky and tastes like creamy vanilla. The chunks of mango in the middle are nice and fresh. The blue jelly at the bottom is blue raspberry flavored. We think this is fantastic and would absolutely get this again.

Rank out of 7: 7

Plaza Pavilion Restaurant

The exterior of the Plaza Pavilion Restaurant, decorated for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

This buffet-style restaurant is located in the Westernland section of the park.

Duck Dive Pasta Set – ¥2,040

Fettuccine carbonara served with beef meat sauce, rare cheese mousse cake served with pineapple, and choice of soft drink or upgrade to sparkling jelly drink with souvenir coaster

The Duck Dive Pasta Set, plated on a tray.

The Duck Dive Pasta Set is one of two special sets available at Plaza Pavilion Restaurant. To us, this one seemed more themed and more edible. This set also comes with a dessert, which can be purchased separately.

A reporter's hand holding up the Chef Donald souvenir placemat.

If you buy this set, you can get this Donald’s Quacky Duck City souvenir placemat. In the past with this kind of souvenir, the placemats were upsold and made of plastic. This one, however, is made of paper, so you’ll want to take extra care to preserve it.

A reporter's hand holding a bowl of the Duck Dive Pasta.

The Duck Dive Pasta is pretty solid, with the noodles cooked just right. The sauce is nice and creamy, and isn’t too heavy or too light. The egg on top is hot, which we didn’t like, but overall, this is decent. The blue-colored cheese here is dyed parmesan cheese, which we got a kick out of.

Rank out of 7: 4

Rare Cheese Mousse Cake

A closer look at the Rare Cheese Mousse Cake.

This mousse cake is so light and airy, and packs all the flavor you want out of a cheesecake. The sharpness of the cheese is there alongside a tastefully light hint of pineapple that we find to be absolutely perfect.

A cross-section of the rare cheese mousse cake.

The blue cream on the plate is blue raspberry-flavored, and pairs well with the cheesecake. Our only complaint is that we wish there had been more.

Rank out of 7: 7

Tropical Fruit & Orange Sparkling Jelly Drink with Souvenir Coaster – ¥1,000

Tropical fruit and orange drink with orange jelly, white foam, and yellow syrup

A reporter's hand holding the Sparkling Jelly Drink.

This soda sports both tropical fruit and orange flavors, and tastes like carbonated orange and pineapple juices mixed together. That being said, it is a nice mix.

A top-down view of the Sparkling Jelly Drink.

Once you get to the orange jelly, it brings forward a lot of tart and sweet flavors to the drink.

If you’re only after the souvenir coaster and not the placemat, we’d suggest skipping the special set and just get this sparkling drink and the above dessert for a nice, refreshing pairing.

Rank out of 7: 5

A reporter's hand holding one of the collectible souvenir coasters.

The Sparkling Jelly Drink comes with a Donald’s Quacky Duck City coaster. Each coaster is randomly selected and offered in mystery packaging.

The one we got is pink and features Mickey and Minnie in their Donald-inspired outfits alongside King Donald. We think it’s very cute.

A reporter's hand showing the back of the coaster.

The coasters are felt, so we’re unsure how well they would hold up over time.

Sweetheart Cafe

The exterior of Sweetheart Cafe in Tokyo Disneyland.

This counter service cafe is located in World Bazaar, and a standby pass from the Tokyo Disney Resort app can occasionally be required to enter.

Special Set – ¥1,330 (Single Item – ¥800)

Special sandwich with pulled pork, corn, and cheese, served with grape jelly and yogurt mousse and choice of soft drink.

The Special Set pulled pork sandwich sitting on a table.

This set includes a pulled pork sandwich, though it’s not the kind of pulled pork sandwich you’re used to. It’s served cold and with corn, cheese, and mustard for toppings. We find that to be an odd combination, and would rather not have corn on our deli sandwich.

A look inside the Special Set sandwich.

This dish also has more bread than sandwich, and the bread itself doesn’t taste particularly fresh. We couldn’t finish it and ended up throwing it away.

Rank out of 7: 2

Grape Jelly & Yogurt Mousse

The full Special Set sandwich and dessert, alongside the souvenir lunch case and drink.

This special set also comes with a Grape Jelly and Yogurt Mousse, which we found to be delightful. The yogurt is vanilla flavored, light, and airy, and is sandwiched between fresh grape jelly on the bottom and a bit of green Jell-O on top. It’s nothing outrageous but it’s a good treat.

Rank out of 7: 6

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1,200

A reporter's hand holding a Donald's Quacky Duck City souvenir lunch case.

We only ordered the special sandwich set so we could get this Donald’s Quacky Duck City souvenir lunch case.

The front of the case features art for the event, with King Donald holding two golden trophies alongside phrases like “Best Duck Ever” and “The Greatest Chef, Athlete, Actor, and All-Around Star!”

A reporter's hand showing the back of the souvenir lunch case.

The back of the case includes images of Cinderella Castle; Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy in their Donald-inspired outfits; King Donald, and the logo for Donald’s Quacky Duck City.

You can get this at other locations as part of a special set, including Tomorrowland Terrace.

Center Street Coffee House

The exterior of Center Street Coffee House in Tokyo Disneyland.

Center Street Coffee House is an art deco-style table service restaurant located in World Bazaar.

210g Sirloin Steak Plate – ¥3,680

The 210g Sirloin Steak Plate sitting on a table.

There are two sizes available for this plate, 140g for ¥2,980 and 210g for ¥3,680. Both versions come with a Japanese almond and fruit sauce, butter rice, mashed potatoes, and eggplant gratin. The rice is topped with a Donald decoration.

The Japanese almond and fruit sauce tasted somewhat like teriyaki to us. The mashed potatoes are cute because they look like Donald’s rear end. We’re glad the plate included unadvertised greens, as it was a nice balance to the meal. The butter rice is solid, and the eggplant gratin is also good.

The steak itself is perfectly fine, not too tough or tender. If you have a picky eater in your group, we think they’ll gravitate toward this.

Rank out of 7: 4

Special Dessert Set – ¥1,980

The Special Dessert Set and Ice Cafe Mocha sitting on a table.

This dessert set is only available from 2-5 p.m. daily, so you’ll want to time it right so you don’t miss it.

A close-up of the Mango and Passion Fruit Cake.

Going from the worst to the best with this set: the Mango and Passion Fruit Cake is far too tart, and tastes as though you bit into a citrus fruit with a doughy consistency. The bottom layer of cake is surprisingly rubbery, and the marshmallows on top don’t do much to save the overall dish.

A close-up of the Mango and Blue Jelly Verrine.

The Mango and Blue Jelly Verrine is perfectly fine, but quite basic.

A close-up of the Mango and Pineapple Tart.

The Mango and Pineapple Tart was by far our favorite and is exceptional. It features real, fresh chunks of mango on top. You get a nice sweetness from the cream and the pie crust is thin, flaky, and buttery. This treat is perfect, but also very small.

Our main problem with this special dessert set is that it is essentially a mango dessert served three ways. There’s not a lot of variety here, and they’re all quite similar across the board, which makes us reluctant to recommend it.

A close-up of the Ice Cafe Mocha.

The Ice Cafe Mocha that comes with the set is actually a very black coffee with only a hint of mocha flavor. You can mix in the cream on top to sweeten the drink. The crushed coffee jelly might be off-putting for some, but tastes like coffee and the chunks are quite large.

We normally love Center Street Coffee House, but were disappointed that this dessert set wasn’t as good as it normally is.

Rank out of 7: 2

Donald’s Quacky Duck City runs now through June 30 at Tokyo Disneyland.

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