PHOTOS: New Blue Type-C Monorail Delivered to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has recently started to replace its nearly 20-year-old fleet of Disney Resort Line monorails with a new “Type-C” rolling stock through 2024. The first set, Monorail Yellow, was delivered in December 2019 and entered service last July, with Monorail Pink received in November 2020 and entering service in January this year. Now, thanks to eagle-eyed Twitter users, we’ve spotted the third of the five new sets on their way to the Disney Resort Line — Monorail Blue!


Photos of the new trains’ delivery come courtesy of Twitter user @P29294180, who caught the trains both as they were unloaded from barges during the day and transferred through the streets of Tokyo Disney Resort in the evening.

As with the new Monorails Yellow and Pink, in service since July 3rd and January 23rd respectively, the train features a two-tone wave along the side to distinguish from its original type and features larger windows and a more spacious interior. You can take a full tour of the new Type-C trains below!

If the timeline for Monorail Pink is any indicator, it’s likely the new Monorail Blue will enter service sometime around the middle or end of June, so there’s still a bit of time to take your last ride on the Type X Monorail Blue in service since 2001.

The new Type-C monorails on the Disney Resort Line will be gradually entering service and replacing the original Type X trains through 2024, so this will be a gradual transition. That being said, this now marks the third of five promised trains from Hitachi and the Oriental Land Company seems to be well ahead of schedule in replacing these vehicles.

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Credit to Twitter user @P29294180 for use of the featured image in this article.

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5 months ago

that Siemens sponsorship we lost at WDW is startin to look good again, now…