REVIEW: New “Secret Sauce” Available at Adventureland Spring Roll Cart in Magic Kingdom

The Spring Rolls cart at Adventureland in Magic Kingdom has reopened for spring break. We were not only delighted to get ourselves some spring rolls but also intrigued when we learned that the cheeseburger spring rolls now come with a “secret sauce.”


“Secret Sauce” With Cheeseburger Spring Rolls – $7.50


The sauce has a mayonnaise base, but it’s tangy and has a zing to it. We also could taste the presence of relish in it.


It was a wonderful addition to the cheeseburger spring rolls and tasted like a combination of condiments you would typically put on a cheeseburger.


Will you be trying this “secret sauce” on your next stop at the Spring Rolls cart? The cart will be open Friday through Sunday for spring break.

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