Walt Disney World Cast Member Fired After Sneaking Into Wedding Pavilion and Drinking Out of Disney Springs Fountains in Viral TikTok Videos


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Walt Disney World Cast Member Fired After Sneaking Into Wedding Pavilion and Drinking Out of Disney Springs Fountains in Viral TikTok Videos


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Walt Disney World Cast Member Fired After Sneaking Into Wedding Pavilion and Drinking Out of Disney Springs Fountains in Viral TikTok Videos

Cast Member Jete (@showmelovejete) shared that he was fired from Walt Disney World after a series of TikToks he posted around the resort went viral.


The first viral TikTok followed Jete as he walked around Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. He entered the wedding pavilion unaccompanied, pointing out that “they just leave the this wide open,” exposing a potential security concern. This video amassed over 3 million views.


The second TikTok to go viral showed Jete drinking water around Disney Springs, including out of actual water fountains. The number of views on this video jumped to over 6 million.


Jete expressed in a more personal TikTok that he would’ve taken the videos down if Disney would’ve asked instead of being fired, but it seems as though damage has already been done thanks to his large social media following. You can watch this video below:


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    • Is it trespassing when it’s unlocked and empty? We’re there signs? I don’t know the backstory, if there is one, but this young man appears to love WDW. Far worse things have happened. (For instance, Was anyone fired for allowing an environment that resulted in a child being killed by an alligator?)

      • So… Florida? Was anyone fired for lakes in florida having gators? That was tragic but completely different.

      • Hey I left my front door unlocked. Is it trespassing if I didn’t leave any signs saying no trespassing?

      • No one “allowed” that poor child to be dragged away and killed by an alligator and the family was informed they could sue for lack of signage around the resort and its lake access but they chose not too. This very sad very tragic event is not a good comparison in the least to what this dummy did on WDW property! Another guest and famous you tuber was banned for life after he did thus only to be allowed back in after a few years of being banned. He knew as a CM what was and wasn’t allowed and he did it anyway which was why he was fired. The end!

  1. Yes. While thousands of us employees wait for a return to work call, this guy knowingly flaunts the rules for some TikTok views. He deserved to be fired and arrested for trespassing.

  2. No, he should not have been fired. Should have been written up, maybe suspended from work for a day or two for entering wedding pavilion if it is off limits, as for drinking water across Disney Springs, I see nothing wrong with pointing out the obvious there are not enough water fountains in Disney Springs. However on the flip side he being an employee of the Walt Disney Company, you never ever say a negative thing on a public page against your employer ( no matter what Company you work for ) it will get you fired.

    • First sentence you said that he should Not have been fired. Last sentence you said anyone who badmouths their employer should be fired. Make Up your mind, gurrl

        • Your statement seems to be a non-sequitur in this situation. You state it’s OK to do something wrong only if you are smart enough not to get caught. This kid was not devious enough to hide his mistake; he owned it -that alone is worthy of sympathy. Yes, he should have been more aware of the literal constrictions of his contractual agreement.
          “To err is human…” Though I am far from “divine,” I’d choose forgiveness -with a warning- for this type of youthful indiscretion that did not harm anyone besides himself.

  3. Absolutely deserved to be canned. Also hope he has so support from more intelligent people who care about him. Drinking chemically treated fountain water? Why?

  4. If I learned anything by visiting sites like WDWNT it’s this. Disney doesn’t care for ANYONE bringing any kind of negative publicity of any kind. I’ve heard elsewhere like SomefishTV that they were dropped as Disney promoting influencer, just because they said ToyStory Land was too hot. Disney corporate follows all social media for both positive and negative news.

  5. Why is this being written as if it’s up for debate? He even has videos stating he’s signed NDAs as a cast member and then continues to divulge private company information and tell “stories” of totally inappropriate cast behavior. He 100% should have been fired a long time ago

  6. Idiot. Dont post on social media if you arent ready for the follow thru. You said it and now your employer has the right to fire you. Be thankful they havent sued for defamation!!!

  7. Considering how strict the rules for cast members are, I don’t see how he expected this to result in anything BUT his termination.

    • It’s nice to read that I am not alone in my desire for blood over this kid’s mistake. There are a lot of comments here from “those without sin” who seem eager to cast stones.

  8. No! I agree he should have been given a warning! There are cast members abusing the Covid call-off policy and not getting terminated. That is worse than what he did!

  9. Yes he deserved it. He should have realized that Disney would not appreciate him showing possible security issues to the world.

    • If these are “security issues,” apparently Disney did not see them as such or chose not to address them. Perhaps he inadvertently did the WDW lawyers a favor by pointing them out before anyone could sue. Don’t blame the messenger.

  10. Man… People’s need for attention is kinda getting pathetic. Well, more like is pathetic with what it is they’re willing to do to get it.

  11. Well deserved. Another adult with no concept of consequences. Saying he would have removed the posts rather than be fired is like a robber pleading to return the stolen goods to avoid jail.

      • Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences. You have the right to say it they have the right to fire you

      • Where was someone legally punished by the government for exercising their right to free speech? Please explain how you believe Glen thinking the firing is well deserved is them trying to say “free speech is a crime.”

      • It is when you sign papers to work saying you won’t do stuff like this. He already knew the consequences as a cast member is required to sign to accept the job.

  12. Every cast member knows the rules about posting in social media. Every cast member knows not to post anything like this.

  13. This is an example of people who don’t think before they post. What did you think was going to happen dude? He should have known that it would get back to Disney by someone. Even if he deleted the videos, they still live on the internet somewhere because it’s social media. Drinking out of the fountains at Disney Springs is one stupid because that water’s chlorinated and two a health hazard because I’ve seen people stick their hands in them and kids playing in them. You can get fired for anything by Disney; I had a friend who got fired years ago because she made some comments about the free cookies they handed out at the MVMCP (she was at the party in regular clothes and as a guest) and another cast member who knew her reported her and she got fired over it.

  14. Step 1: Film viral videos that go against your employers policy and show security weaknesses

    Step 2: Get Fired from employer

    Step 3: Act surprised that they fired you

  15. Both got what they wanted. He got a lot of views, Disney got rid of an employee that can’t follow simple directions.

  16. PFFT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? You’re gonna sneak into places that shouldn’t be snuck into and then be like “oh no I got fired. 🥺🥺🙏” what an idiot

  17. Disney, like so many corporations do not like employees posting anything on social media that will make them look bad. Every Employee knows this ! You signed an agreement NOT TO DO THIS ! … and yet, here we are. Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy ?

  18. Not only did he go around possibly getting himself sick from drinking from the fountains, but he broke COVID regulations of not wearing his mask while walking around. Regarding the Wedding Pavilion, I’ve walked around the Grand, and the path to the building is gated shut and locked. At least when I went to go look. Not sure what was going on that day for a guest to have access?

    Perhaps his position can now be filled by another CM awaiting recall to get back to work.

  19. Cast members sign binding nondisclosure agreements when they are hired regarding publicizing security issues. I know this first hand. I signed one. He should have thought before he posted these videos. A better route would have been to bring any “concerns” to his lead. Of course he wasn’t concerned at all. He just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Well, he got it! Good for Disney! 🤦

  20. You don’t mess around at Disney! They are VERY strict! But it is a wonderful place to work! It was a dream!

  21. Absolute fool. No question he should be fired. Beyond the security issue did he really think Disney would be fine with him spitting out water for all the guests to see all over the parks? No class in this guy at all.

  22. Let’s see . . . Act like an idiot, take a video of it, post it online then be surprised when there are repercussions from it. That’s some special kinda stupid, isn’t it??

    • yes! With all the name-calling and hateful responses, it sounds like advocates for Sharia Law. Get a grip, people. You’d think they have personally insulted.

  23. You should l3arn something from this, like when you’re at work… WORK and forget about making videos. Privacy issues aside, you wouldn’t appreciate paying someone to screw around when they should be working.

  24. No one that has worked for Disney feels bad for him. When you sign on with them, the rules are very clear and you sign a contract confirming that you understand and will abide.

    • “No one”? You sure about that? I’ll bet there are some who may think, “There but for the grace of God..” and sympathize. I have more faith in people. People can object to wrongdoing without condemning the one that foolishly got caught.

  25. First of all. Drinking from a public architectural fountain is just plain stupid. That water is dirty. It probably has chemicals added so the water remains clear. Lack of common sense would you want someone like this working for you…. Deserved to get canned.

    Second I am sure Disney has guidelines for cast members not eating or not drinking while in uniform not on break or lunch and in public. Deserved to get canned

    Third. To record yourself doing that is just plain stupid. What was the point??? Just making a recording of yourself is dumb, Deserved to get canned.

    This drinking man made bad decisions that reflected poor on Disney and Disney responded by cutting ties with him. Deserved to get canned.

  26. Last week my wife and I parked at the boardwalk and as we were passing the convention center portion we went to go in and look around as we usually like to do. But we noticed the doors were locked. After reading this story I understand why. My wife and I were married at the wedding pavilion. Often on visits over the years we would stop by the Grand Floridian and walk into the pavilion and reminisce. Now we’ll never be able to do that again thanks to the idiot. That was one of the great pleasures of Disneyworld. Finding those quiet little areas. Hidden gems to explore. No longer.

  27. As a Disney bride, who used the wedding pavilion, I find this appalling and feel for the Disney Fairytail Wedding staff that will probably now have to fend off random curious tourists or increase the security around that area. That group is the most friendly and customer service driven group of cast members I’ve experienced at WDW, they take incredible care of their clients on their special day and I am distraught to hear a CM did this for some social media clout.

    • “Fending off” is an interesting choice of words -sounds like armed insurrectionists. All that’s needed is a lock on the door.

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