Watch “Brave” on Deep In The Plus Live TONIGHT at 9:00 PM (ET) on WDWNT Entertainment

Rob Whiteside


Watch “Brave” on Deep In The Plus Live TONIGHT at 9:00 PM (ET) on WDWNT Entertainment

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As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we thought it fitting to revisit Pixar’s strong, independent and first princess in Brave.

Released in 2012, Brave is the story of Merida, the daughter of a Scottish King, and leader of clan Dunbroch. Merida wants to do things her way, but her mother, Queen Elinor has a plan for her. She grooms her to follow tradition and marry a first-born son from an allied clan.

Merida sets out to change her mother’s mind with the help of an old witch who gives her the power to change her mom, but magic always comes with a price.

Come find out why this movie may (or may not) be worth your time!

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