CONCEPT ART: Stunning Scenes from Possible New “Tokyo DisneySea Nighttime Spectacular” Revealed

While Tokyo DisneySea is reportedly ramping up for its 20th-anniversary celebrations to begin later this year, including with the new Believe! Sea of Dreams nighttime spectacular, concept art revealed on the website of Shannon Knox Design hints at a possible future show post-Believe, or possibly a previous concept that has since been shelved.


The concept art features designs such as Mickey and Minnie in a gondola at the lagoon’s center, likely in a scene related to Tangled, with lanterns throughout both Mediterranean Harbor and floating through the sky. A large moon appears to rise out of the harbor, possibly from the deep pit near the center. Tangled is one of the properties that will be represented at the park once the massive Fantasy Springs expansion opens in 2023.


In another piece, we see flares rising above a number of low-level barges with dancers and sails that double as screens with scenes from iconic Disney films such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Moana, the former two of which are properties represented at Tokyo DisneySea in Arabian Coast and Mermaid Lagoon, respectively.


The final piece of art represents what looks to us more like a fever dream or a scene from an anime than something that would actually come from a show in Mediterranean Harbor. Mickey, Goofy, and Donald are seen (in their retro ’80s design) in a paper boat, lifted into the air by an extremely detailed spirit of water, while other boats float in the skies around her. While unlabeled unlike the other two, the lights of Fortress Explorations, as well as the arches of Ponte Vecchio, place this as another piece of Tokyo DisneySea concept art.

While nothing in this art represents anything we’ve seen from rehearsals of Believe! Sea of Dreams spotted by Guests at Hotel MiraCosta, this could point either to a possible replacement after the 20th-anniversary celebration concludes, or simply be a shelved concept. There’s credence to both theories, as Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland was also only present for the park’s 35th-anniversary celebration and then some, but the Oriental Land Company has of course faced financial hardship this past year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and could seek a longer life out of the show they’ve already (almost) got. Nobody knows for sure, all we know is that Believe! Sea of Dreams is set to debut this year at Tokyo DisneySea!

What are your thoughts on this concept art? Would you be interested in seeing whatever show this could turn out to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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