Disney Conservation Helping in Coral Restoration on the Florida Coast

Disney Conservation and other organizations have joined forces to create a coral breeding program to help with Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease which is currently affecting coral reefs on the Florida coast. The groups have established the “Florida Coral Rescue Center” in Orlando, Florida, to help care for and safeguard these vulnerable coral reef species.

While most may not know, Disney Conservation efforts are continuously working not only inside the park but also around the world to ensure that we will continue living in this big blue world.

Map from Florida Deparment of Enviromental Protection

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease affects the living tissue of the coral, continuously eroding away coral and killing off colonies within weeks.

Photo by Disney

These conservation efforts provide rehabilitation and rebirth of dying species.

Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President of Animals, Science, and Environment of Disney Parks said in this Disney Parks article:

“With the Florida coastline as home to Disney Cruise Line and part of our backyard, we want to do what we can to keep coral reefs vibrant and healthy. The Florida Coral Rescue Center provides a safe, stable environment for the 745 coral specimens and their offspring currently in their care. The Center’s goal is to one day return these rescued corals back to the ocean so they can help restore underwater ecosystems, which are essential to hundreds of marine-life who rely on them for their well-being.”

Photo by Disney

Disney has provided almost $17 million to marine conservation efforts around the world. In continuous effort with others to help rehabilitate and grow coral, we could be seeing big changes here in the future. Things that we can do to help coral and other marine conservation efforts are using sunscreen that is “Reef Friendly” and also limiting our single-use plastics.

We’re excited to see progress on this coral reef project and will keep you updated here at WDWNT!

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