Mickey's Magical Music World Fantasyland Forest Theater concept art

“Mickey’s Magical Music World” Returns After Two Consecutive Days of Cancellations at Tokyo Disneyland

It would seem that even brand-new offerings sometimes face a few bugs, and Tokyo Disneyland’s newly-debuted Mickey’s Magical Music World is no exception. On April 15th, incidentally, the park’s 38th anniversary and the one-year anniversary of the show’s intended premiere date, and April 16th, Mickey’s Magical Music World at the Fantasyland Forest Theatre was cancelled all day due to technical issues.

Mickey's Magical Music World Fantasyland Forest Theater concept art

Although no specifics have been given, Guests have only been informed that the cancellations have been caused by “system adjustments”. Guests with lottery wins are offered no compensation, including multi-experience tickets, whereas Guests with guaranteed show tickets via Vacation Packages are being offered 5% refunds and an additional ticket to experience Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast or The Happy Ride with Baymax. Makeup tickets for performances of Mickey’s Magical Music World on another day are not offered.

Some Guests are of course outraged by these decisions, as Vacation Packages run anywhere from around $650 to $1500 per person for the privilege. Several Guests took to Twitter to complain, calling for the Oriental Land Company to give seats to future shows. Many Vacation Packages with tickets for the show already include a guaranteed ride on Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, which otherwise requires a win via the Entry Request lottery system.

All is not lost, for Guests are being allowed to wander inside of the theater halls and take videos and pictures for a certain portion of the day. You can check out our tour of the show’s home, the Fantasyland Forest Theatre, here on WDWNT.

Mickey’s Magical Music World has reportedly faced technical issues since its April 1st debut, with its first performance on that day being cut short due to system error. During our visit last week, the entire show was performed without issue.

Mickey’s Magical Music World returned on April 17th, but the Entry Request lottery system wasn’t turned on until 11:00 AM just in case of technical issues arising. Big Band Beat: A Special Treat continues to run without issue at Tokyo DisneySea.

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