PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Brand-New Fantasyland Forest Theatre at Tokyo Disneyland

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With Tokyo Disney Resort finally starting to resume shows and entertainment, one of the first venues to open was the new Fantasyland Forest Theatre! Previously scheduled to open on April 15th of last year, the theatre plays host to the new Mickey’s Magical Music World, a journey with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy into the worlds of Disney film music. Although the show itself is quite spectacular, the other star is of course the theatre itself, and you can take a full tour below—or keep reading for pictures and more details!


As we showcased last year in our tour of the New Fantasyland expansion, the exterior of the Fantasyland Forest Theatre features a timber frame-style exterior flanked by a bullpen inspired by Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre in London.


Inside, Guests can see a reinterpretation of the classic comedy/tragedy masks used to represent theatre as… acorns, both with admittedly very amusing faces.


Also flanking the central staircase to the second floor is a squirrel holding two acorns with slightly different faces.


Immediately at the entrance is a second set of stairs. It’s important to note that the entire building has a wood and plaster appearance, very fitting for the period in which New Fantasyland is set. Paintings of animals, as well as branches and leaves, adorn the walls. Additionally, the lower sections of the wall feature different colors of leaves set back from the wood.


At the staircases, and along the walls of the theatre itself, lovely tapestries featuring moments from well-known classics like Tangled and Bambi to lesser-known entries like Brother Bear hang from the walls.


Leaf and branch accents adorn the entire theatre.


Also, the timber framing style is another pervasive theme visible throughout.


The stage itself is lined with fiber optics, screens, and lighting features. The aqua blue lighting surrounding the proscenium arch is capable of changing colors throughout the show to match scenes and moods. A lot of the infrastructure for Mickey’s Magical Music World relies on screens, to the point where the curtains themselves are not true physical curtains, but in fact projected screens.


Both sides of the theatre feature these beautiful painted murals of natural scenes one might find in a forest, including other trees, bushes, and even a large mountain looming in the distance.


Prop leaves also adorn the ceilings as if the beams holding the theater itself up are in fact trees.


The carpets in the theatre feature a trees and leaves motif, with occasional flowers thrown in for extra pops of color.


Even the seats where Guests may sit are framed with wood, making all Guests feel as if they are watching the show inside a forest instead of a massive Broadway-size theater.

Hopefully, you get a chance to see the Fantasyland Forest Theatre and Mickey’s Magical Music World when you visit Tokyo Disneyland, seats are currently locked behind the Entry Request lottery system, with most Guests unable to win. But if you’re fortunate enough, be sure you let us know how much you enjoyed the show! And let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Tokyo Disneyland’s beautiful new theatre!

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