PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 4/16/21 (Additional Points of Light Added, Spaceship Earth Construction Walls Come Down, New Button-Down Shirts, and More)

Hello, avid readers! Welcome to a day that we honestly weren’t expecting. With all the weather reports preparing us for dark, thunderous weather, we were met with partly cloudy skies carrying unneeded rain gear everywhere we went. Take a look as we’ll show you around a pleasant day at the park.


We’ll start with one of the key focuses of our visits: more points of lights have been placed on Spaceship Earth. These can be hard to count with the bright sun reflecting off of its surface, but we ensure that they’re there!


Construction walls have been taken down from the front of Spaceship Earth, but soon the right side along with Pin Traders will be closed off to work on the pavement there.


So take your last looks at Pin Trading HQ for now because come Monday it’ll be closed for a little while. Don’t worry though the shop across the way will have all of your pin needs until it reopens.


These new shirts were found at the front of Mouse Gear. They are selling fast, so get them while you can! More details can be read in our article.


The breezeway located at Innoventions East is still covered up, along with all the windows on this side. We can still hear a lot of work going on behind the curtains.


Harmonious is still getting a lot of attention both on the barges and on the water. There aren’t any new more changes today but we’ll let you know first if anything big happens.


On our way to the Morocco Pavilion, we ran into Mickey and Minnie’s cavalcade and got to take some fun photos as they drove by.


In some rather sad news, one of the most popular photo spots in the Morocco Pavilion—and possibly EPCOT—has been cut from the park leaving only this nub of its former self along with a fake door.


Molds have been finished over at the bridge in the Italy Pavilion and are now awaiting paint.


Taking a quick stop at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, it seems Harry the sea turtle wanted some attention as he came up to the glass to get his picture taken.


Well, that is until this guy came right in front of the camera. It’s the first time we’ve ever been photo-bombed by a Hammerhead.


We finished the day with the much talked about Watermelon Salad, it seemed everywhere we went today, this salad was the topic of conversation. You can’t beat $4.25 for a healthy, refreshing snack at a theme park. Check out our full review here!


That’s all for another day at EPCOT! Even though it didn’t rain and storm as anticipated, we hear that some wet weather may be actually around the corner. So in the days to come, be prepared, as the old saying goes: Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. See you next time!

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