PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 4/19/21 (Prime Parking Price Drops, VelociCoaster Team Member Wardrobe, Playground Areas Preparing to Reopen, Class of 2021 Photo Op, and More)

Welcome to a cloudy, overcast day here at the Universal Orlando Resort. As we were arriving at the resort today, we noticed that the price of Prime Parking had dropped back down to $40. It was recently raised to $50 during spring break, but it has gone back down again.


After talking to Team Members, we were given the impression that prices could fluctuate depending on busier times of the year, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this in the future. General Parking has remained consistent at $26, though.


On the way into Islands of Adventure, we noticed that “Coming Summer 2021” has been changed to “Opening June 10” on the VelociCoaster height check at the entrance of the park.


In Seuss Landing, we noticed that “If I Ran the Zoo” has still not been repainted on the sign at the entrance of the play area. The playground has been getting fresh paint and updates, too.


We spotted more Team Members in the Jurassic World VelociCoaster wardrobe out in the park today. We noticed that the Team Leader had a unique Jurassic World ID badge on their costume, too.


The pathway leading to the VelociCoaster is still being worked on and blocked off.


A new water fountain has appeared along the walls of the Jurassic World Velocicoaster, between Burger Digs and Pizza Predattoria.


The T-Rex and Jurassic Park vehicle returned together for the perfect photo op near Thunder Falls Terrace. It’s good to see these props back in the park.


While walking through Toon Lagoon, we noticed that Betty Boop is swinging her leg again and Heathcliff’s fishing pole rope and bone are moving again. We’re happy to see this!


Over at Universal Studios Florida, we noticed more maintenance and prep around the playground areas in KidZone. Curious George Goes To Town and Fieval’s Playland are slowly getting ready for reopening, but we don’t know when. Camp Jurassic reopened over the weekend, so we believe we will see more playgrounds reopening in the parks.


Curious George has some barricades and “Wet Paint” signs.


We’ve noticed techs working around the slide area in Fieval’s Playland lately and now we’ve noticed that the blue rope we spotted last week has been strung up and attached to the the water pump handle.


A Class of 2021 photo op has popped up near the back of the park near the Coca-Cola Refresh drink station.


The parks weren’t too busy today, thanks to the weather!


Thanks for following us around the Universal Orlando Resort today. Be sure to keep following Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates from Universal Parks around the globe!