PHOTOS: Disneyland Ticket and Park Reservation Debacle Causing Technical Issues for Walt Disney World Services

Shannen Ace

My Disney Experience inconvenience

PHOTOS: Disneyland Ticket and Park Reservation Debacle Causing Technical Issues for Walt Disney World Services

Shannen Ace

My Disney Experience inconvenience

PHOTOS: Disneyland Ticket and Park Reservation Debacle Causing Technical Issues for Walt Disney World Services

On April 12, theme park reservations launched for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure for guests who already had tickets. Today, new tickets became available and many more guests attempted to make reservations to visit one of the two parks that have been shuttered for over a year. Unfortunately, it seems Disney still wasn’t prepared for the amount of traffic both the Disneyland website and app would be receiving. If it feels like we write about events like this several times a year, it’s because we do.


Guests attempting to make a reservation were put in a virtual waiting room for accessing the reservations system.


Many encountered this “recalculating” error for extended periods of time as the system attempted to display a wait time.


The system most recently updated to display an approximate wait time of “more than an hour.”

My Disney Experience inconvenience

The technical issues were also causing problems for and My Disney Experience, the Walt Disney World app. The app is displaying a message saying some digital experiences are currently unavailable.

Have you been able to make a reservation for either Disneyland Resort theme park? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It’s been a frustrating morning. But I got a hotel package reservation at Grand Californian. It doesn’t give any ticket info for me to use for the park reservations and it kicked me out of the system so I have to sit back in the queue to try and get a reservation now. There’s no way for me to link the tickets from my hotel package to my account. So I’m not even sure that I can get a reservation.

  2. No I have not. I have been waiting since 8 am and it’s almost 1 now. I’m still in “the wait is almost over” page. I’m getting really sad and frustrated. Is anyone else having this problem?!

    • Haha, same for me. Been watching the “The Wait is almost over” screen since 8am.
      I have a friend who was able to book the Grand Californian also, maybe they are doing all the expensive hotel packages first.

  3. I joined at about 7:45, and had tickets and a reservation by 9:15. My computer browser got stuck in the queue and never updated outside of the “more than an hour” but I had a browser open on my phone as back up, and that one got me through!

  4. Been waiting since 8am, its now 135pm and I am still waiting to buy tickets. I just read Alex’ comment; wow whats the point of doing package when you cant access tickets to make a reservation, which means you will not be able to make a reservation. I also bought a hotel package, pressed purchase at 11am, still waiting at 135pm for screen to confirm the purchase. Unbelievable, who coordinated this Buy Disney Tickets today ???
    Returning to Disney is so far been a magical mess.

  5. i feel like i got lucky. my friends and i were all trying together at the same time for each of our respective families. We all joined the virtual queue prior to 8AM. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for when each of us were granted access as we all joined at different times and one had only a 14 minute wait time once in queue. My wait was “over an hour” but then I was granted access around 9:30AM. i had no problems purchasing the tix for my family members and i promptly clicked the link to select our dates (all dates through June were available). I did this relatively quickly and only a few minutes later my friends all experienced the issue you mentioned above. hopefully everyone gets the dates they want. good luck!

    • Any luck with reservations after you bought tix? I was able to purchase tickets and also selected a June date but then went back into the queue for reservations, this has kept me waiting “more than an hour” since 9am.

    • Yep. No sense here at all. I’ve been in the waiting room since 7:45 this morning and I still have the more than an hour message. It’s 4:35pm. This is ridiculous.

  6. bought tickets and when checking out the page kept processing then crashed, lost tickets. stitch picture showed up ,said someone ate your page.. wow what the heck.

  7. I was able to buy tickets at about 10:30am but never got through to the reservation system. Have been waiting over 6 hours now.

  8. I got mine!! I entered the queue at 7:35AM. and then got my tickets and confirmed my reservations at around 9:30AM.

    My coworkers could not get through to the tickets or reservations until like 2:30 :(

    but they got them! :D

  9. We made it through the queue, but still couldn’t link our tickets. It gave error messages that the tickets were already linked to another account or that the ticket numbers were invalid….uggghhhh

    • Have the same issue!! Linked our tickets and then when I went the next day to make reservations it doesn’t show my tickets but when I try to re enter them it shows they are already linked to an account!!! I am so mad and frustrated.

  10. Bought the tickets and entered them into the reservation system, only for it to tell me that they are invalid! I have checked and rechecked, but it still says invalid.

  11. Logged on at 7am and was able to buy tickets at 3pm. With hundreds of thousands of people probably trying to buy tickets, we knew it would be a long process. What was encouraging was being able to see all the open dates on the reservation calendar, so even though it was a slow process, things weren’t filling fast. We also used the website GetAwayToday which allowed us to get more tickets in about an hour.

  12. I got in after 8 hours. I didn’t need hotel stay and when you click on the ticket reservation it took me to another que!

  13. I have tried for 5 hours to get a reservation, after waiting 12 hours to actually buy the tickets. This is awful.

  14. Only APs or influencers would consider this a “debacle”. The tickets were EXTREMELY limited with a massive demand – no one has the right to go to DLR on April 30 for the clout.

    • The IT infrastructure is never able to handle any demand. It has nothing to do with not getting April 30. Why you would blindly defend a mega-corporation is beyond reasonable comprehension.

  15. Hot mess with bad UX. After 8/9 hrs- was finally able to purchase tickets. Rather than a bottom that said “reserve here” there was a button that said “learn more”. My husband skipped over that button… an hour later when I went to make the
    Reservations- I got kicked back into the queue where I had to wait another 8 hours, to make the reservations. It was a thoroughly frustrating experience.

  16. My husband and I both logged on with our computers and phones shortly before 8 am. The phones got through the queue by 9:30 am, but the computers never said anything beyond “more than an hour.” We logged them off after we bought tickets using mobile.

    Feeling really lucky after reading so many horror stories about the wait. Got tickets for memorial day weekend and the grand opening of Avenger’s Campus.

  17. after 9 hours, got waiting again to make reservations, takes me to my turn, go to make the reservation and i get a stitch pic with a message saying ” this page was eaten please go back and try again.” cant even make the damn reservation! the only thing disney is quick at is taking the money!!!!!!!!!

  18. I got tickets at the 1:43 minute mark. one hour forty three minutes.

    I got my park reservation 14 hours and 20 mins later. FOURTEEN HOURS later. (Yes I let the browser session run all day..) Watched the count down, we waited for the next screen and got a picture of – Stich saying something about eating the page –

    Totally frustrated I went to another browser tab, refreshed and I was at the park reservation page! quick thinking! Even after 14 hours of people making reservations I was able to get 3 people park reservations for a sat & sunday in June (As far as you can book).

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