PHOTOS: “The Haunted Mansion” Hitchhiking Ghosts Bottle Stoppers Join Happy Haunts at Walt Disney World

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Fans of The Haunted Mansion will be thrilled to use these new bottle stoppers during their next ball — as long as the ghostly ballroom dancers are invited, that is.

“The Haunted Mansion” Hitchhiking Ghosts Wine Bottle Stoppers – $24.99


Phineas, Guz, and Ezra have hitchhiked their way out of The Haunted Mansion and on to these silver bottle stoppers. The bottle stoppers are metal with a silicone gasket that keeps bottles airtight.


After finding this set at Disneyland Resort last year, we’re glad to see that the three hitchhiking ghosts are now available at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom. This is also available now on shopDisney.

Do you love filling your home with ghoulish delights? Let us know in the comments down below and, if you do, don’t miss this light-up gargoyle statue that recently materialized at Walt Disney World.

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20 days ago

Love it! I wish they would have had them when we were there in December.

20 days ago

I have been needing a new bottle stopper for all my wine and “spirits”.