PHOTOS: Tour the NEW Baymax “Happy Fair Lab” Meet & Greet at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTOS: Tour the NEW Baymax “Happy Fair Lab” Meet & Greet at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTOS: Tour the NEW Baymax “Happy Fair Lab” Meet & Greet at Tokyo Disneyland

After nearly a year of delays, The Happy Fair with Baymax is finally on at Tokyo Disneyland, and the centerpiece of this mini-event is the new Happy Fair Lab meet & greet experience with Baymax! Although the greeting is locked behind the Entry Request lottery system, we were lucky enough to win spots to experience this interesting meet & greet!


Situated inside the former Tomorrowland Hall lottery location, the Happy Fair Lab features red and purple paint on the upper layer, but retains the old purple/orange/blue colors of Tomorrowland Hall. Incidentally, this used to be the queue for the Skyway back in the ’80s and ’90s.


After verifying your Entry Request acceptance, the Cast Members at the entrance inform you that videos are not allowed and will show you this example photo, which you can purchase through the Disney Photo function in the official TDR app.


The front area still retains the former lottery machines along the walls and down the middle. Perhaps the lottery machines will return in the future!


Machines in the rear have been removed to make way for this new experience, however.


The wall text reads “Happy Fair Lab” subtitled by “San Fransokyo Institute of Technology”.


The idea of the Happy Fair Lab is that the institute is gethering data on smiles to determine how to make everyone happy.


A screen window shows the koinobori blimps from the film as if they’re outside.


Additionally, next to Baymax himself, there are pieces of him for maintenance, including paint cans, his fist from his superhero mode, and a small version of his armor for charging.


Baymax himself stands behind a counter, flanked by a screen with the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology logo and two “Happy Fair with Baymax” banners.


Baymax moves his head, blinks, and delivers voice lines to Guests during the greeting! In Japanese, of course. Cast Members informed us that this is why filming is not allowed during your visit to the Happy Fair Lab.


Assorted graphs and a neat ’50s-style travel poster adorn the walls next to Cast Members.


Cast Members will take one picture for you to purchase via the DIsney Photo function, and also one with your own camera. Of course, you get to check it on the screen behind you once it’s taken.

The Happy Fair Lab meet & greet with Baymax is only available through June 30th via the Entry Request lottery system. Hopefully you can win a chance to meet everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion on your next visit to Tokyo Disneyland! Did you enjoy this peek inside? Let us know in the comments below!