Solar Facility at Walt Disney World Resort

VIDEO: Walt Disney World’s 270-Acre Solar Farm Powers Two Theme Parks While Providing Nature Habitats

After sharing information on their solar facilities around the world, Disney Parks has posted a video tour of their 270-acre Walt Disney World solar farm where energy is harnessed from the sun to help power the resort, all while creating habitats for the bees, butterflies, and bugs that pollinate the world outside of it.


Dr. Zak, Conservation Manager with Disney Conservation, explains “Solar energy production is a critical component of fighting the climate crisis,” and is excited to announce that this solar facility off of State Road 429 provides energy to power two out of the four Walt Disney World theme parks.


Not only does this solar facility provide energy with its emerging technology, but it also creates habitat for the species that live in Central Florida, such as native plants, bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, and more.


This, in turn, creates pollinator habitats that provide benefits for pollinators and other wildlife.


In Florida, there are over 200 different types of butterflies and 300 different types of bees. You can watch the video below in full.

In addition to this solar array, Walt Disney World also has a Mickey-shaped solar farm and is developing two new facilities.

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Joseph Kastner
Joseph Kastner
1 month ago

Funny. It would seem to me that cutting down all those trees would be a step backward