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Disney College Program Introducing Gender-Neutral Housing Option

With Disney College Program finally returning, participants will be able to live in brand-new housing, and will have the option to live in gender-neutral housing.

The Disney Programs website has a page dedicated to gender-neutral housing. With this option, residents of multiple genders may live in one apartment, instead of each unit being split up by gender.

Participants can request gender-neutral housing when completing their DORMS registration. Nobody will be placed in gender-neutral housing if they do not select the option and the option is available in all apartment types. If participants have selected a roommate link, they will be assigned a room together.

This is just the latest in Disney’s new inclusivity initiative, which included recent updates to the Disney Look guidelines for Cast Members.

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  1. Is it just me, or has the leadership of this company just gone completely off the rails over the last several months…

  2. Oh for heavens sake, people. Colleges and universities have been co-ed with gender neutral housing for many decades. These are college aged kids and adults. No matter where they are going to school, unless they’re in some backwards religious cult type college, they’re going to be exposed to this. Cheese and crackers, if you can’t transport yourself into this century, at least get with the last half of the previous century.

    1. Not all colleges and universities have co-ed/gender neutral housing. Where I live, we have a “few” but definitely not all

    2. Paul, this is Disney!! Yes, these kids are going to be exposed to this. But Disney shouldn’t create a situation that encourages it. Yet another way this company has gone extreme left and turned it’s back on its heritage.

  3. DCP Gender neutral housing aka co-ed housing. This is gonna be like that Three’s company show but DCP edition.

  4. So, let’s see…the living choices are (1) gender-neutral, which could lead to coed intermingling, or (2) keeping genders in separate living quarters which leads to coed intermingling anyway. Got it.

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