New Florida Public Health Advisory States Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Required to Wear Face Masks


New Florida Public Health Advisory States Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Required to Wear Face Masks

The Florida Department of Health announced a state surgeon general public health advisory that made changes to earlier guidance on COVID-19 safety practices in the state. Most notably, the advisory rescinds advising fully vaccinated individuals to wear face coverings.

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In the latest health advisory, it is stated that “due to COVID-19 widespread vaccine availability, fully vaccinated individuals should no longer be advised to wear face coverings.”

Just before this new advisory, Orange County, Florida announced changes to physical distancing protocols and mask mandates as well. However, private businesses like Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort may continue imposing their own face mask requirements for Guests.

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35 thoughts on “New Florida Public Health Advisory States Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Required to Wear Face Masks”

  1. How long can private properties impose mask wearing for fully vaccinated individuals or people who have the covid antigen? If you are immune, why wear a mask? It doesn’t make sense nor is it scientific. End this nightmare.

    • As you said yourself, it’s private property. If you came to my property and didn’t do as I asked you wouldn’t be allowed to be there.

    • I agree but how would a private company verify you have been vaccinated or otherwise immune? I know I have a card that says I have been vaccinated but I would object to being force to carry it around to prove it.

    • As long as they want! It’s their property, they. An set the rules! Don’t like it, don’t go!! Look at that…problem solved!!

    • Because it’s a PRIVATE property, and they make their own rules. Don’t like it? Then don’t go!

    • First of all, the science is well-established that vaccinations don’t make you immune. The COVID vaccines are not bullet proof; you can still catch the virus if vaccinated but the vaccine makes the symptoms less severe. This is especially true as the virus continues to mutate and today’s vaccines might not be effective against tomorrow’s variations.

      Second, vaccines are at their most effective at preventing disease when an overwhelming majority of the population is vaccinated. But Florida has a vaccination rate of only 28.1%.

      Third, vaccines are not recommend for children under 16 and people who might be allergic to component in the vaccine. And gee, WDW might be a place where lots of kids under 16 might be.

      Fourth, how would WDW enforce this? What’s to stop non-vaccinated people from entering the parks wearing a mask and then taking the mask off past the checkpoint to blend in with those who are vaccinated?

      People who have a shred of common human decency wear masks even when vaccinated until herd immunity has been reached and the CDC advises it is safe. Period.

      • You speak as if the few exceptions are the rule. The vast majority of vaccinated cannot catch covid-19. They are immune, completely immune. Small percentages may still catch it and get less severe symptoms but by and large people are literally immune.

        • Self-immunity doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not a vaccinated person can still be a carrier capable of spreading to non-immune people. The jury is still out regarding that aspect of the science. Until we know more, I continue to wear my mask in public even though I’m fully vaccinated and most likely immune, because it’s not about my own health at this point. It’s about minimizing spread.

    • I think it’s hilarious how many people down voted this comment. It is true, logical and follows the science, but the mask- by -themselves -their- car folks are never going to let the requirements go. In their minds, the world’s a day herous place and a fully breathable piece of cloth that won’t stop water will somehow save them from germs studies show aren’t spread outside. But whatever.

    • “How long can they mandate shirts and shoes? When can I visit the parks in nothing but a pair of tighty whities? What about my rights?”

      That’s what you sound like.

    • How do you propose Disney Cast Members verify and regulate whether the guests not wearing masks have been vaccinated?

    • Private businesses have always been allowed to impose a dress code for any reason they liked. Jackets and ties required, no hats in a club, no hats and sunglasses in banks, no shirt no shoes no service.

  2. disney, take the hint. the science we are all supposed to follow says no mask if you have been vaccinated. are you going to follow the science?

    • We only follow the science when it supports our agenda. Our agenda is always more important than science.

    • I think it’s about more than science right now. It’s about a business doing their best to make everyone feel comfortable and safe and avoiding as many altercations as possible. I would love to go to the park mask less as a fully vaccinated individual, but saying that some must wear masks and some don’t complicates the entire scenario.

    • Not when Americans are extremely litigious! Disney will do what every other company would… drop the mask mandate when the can, safely, without the fear of stupid people trying to sue them, claiming they got COVID while in the parks.

    • No, Disney should do what they are comfortable with. A big corporation like that will require masks to keep themselves safe as well as the guests. People have lied about being vaccinated and catch Covid immediately after. So yea I support Disney with their mask requirements. Don’t like it? Don’t go!

    • Sounds like a good plan to me. Of course, following the science would include proving that you have been vaccinated. Who would have a problem with that?

    • Yes indeed. Florida’s been proven right all along, but no need to admit that if you’ve got a political axe to grind, right?

  3. This is still a risky move even without a booster shot or 2 and or a 3rd shot. We need to wait another 2-3 years before doing this.

    • Agreed. There are unknown strains in the future that the vaccine might not fully protect. One should play it safe and wait for covid to get under control worldwide, and right now the worldwide curve is going up and higher than ever, being more transmissible and more deadly.

    • Hah. And maybe might need to try the other vaccines simultaneously. Because of they work as advertised, no need to wear masks or social distance, right? Right? Oh wait. You mean the trust the science crowd doesn’t trust the science?

    • Getting out of bed is a risky move. Getting in a car is a risky move. Not wearing a mask is not a risky move.

    • You’re welcome to wear a mask or hide in your house for the rest of your life. Most people will not.

  4. Problem is the majority of people are so self-centered and self-serving they would lie about being vaccinated just so they didn’t have to wear a mask. This would place Disney and its employees in a very difficult scenario.

  5. Once again, Florida bucks science in favor of – who knows what? Oh well, we’ll be watching from afar. Very, very far.

  6. Are we just ignoring the glaringly obvious? There is no way to tell if someone’s fully vaccinated, so this will obviously lead to a bunch of people faking it just to stop wearing a mask. And nobody’s going to bring their documentation with them on vacation.

  7. Please explain to me why, when it’s clearly stated on all the vaccine “information” that it does not prevent you from contracting the illness (only keeps you from dying from it) nor does it keep you from spreading it, if you have it… does it make any sense to differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated when weighing in mask wearing in public. Literally the classifications should be “People who won’t die from Covid” (Vaccinated) and “People who PROBABLY wont die from Covid” (UnVaccinated) … that’s it! Only difference.

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