Orlando International Airport Reduces Physical Distancing to Three Feet Amid County Changes

After Orange County, Florida Mayor Jerry Demings announced plans to change the county’s COVID-19 executive order with Phase 1 already in effect, Orlando International Airport (MCO) has reduced its physical distancing measures from six feet to three feet apart.

Twitter user @hastin posted an image this morning of signs now saying “Travel smart, Stay 3 feet apart” at the airport, reflecting the change in the county’s guidelines.

Previously, the airport had numerous signs stating to “Stay 6 feet apart,” some with the slogan of “Travel smart, Stay 6 feet apart.” But as the county changed its physical distancing guidelines, MCO followed.

Keep reading WDWNT for continued updates.

Featured image: @hastin

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9 days ago

The expense to all companies and facilities keeping up with this nonsense is astronomical. Spending time and money printing up new 3 ft signs, the labor to install them, only to probably be able to remove them in a few weeks completely, particularly as “the science and data” including the latest MIT in that study as well as those overseas show that indoor social distancing makes no difference.

Last edited 9 days ago by Cds
9 days ago

I guess no one has been to the airport in a while. We were packed in like cattle going through security. Packed in like cattle trying on Spirt to get my bags checked. There is zero distance. This happened to me just a week ago flying to Houston. Houston however knows how to do it right, no lines, quick security on every security.

9 days ago

This is a reasonable way to fit this in to normalcy.