PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 4/29/21 (Landscaping Installed at Gelateria Toscana, Three Caballeros Animatronics Missing For Three Months, New Rainbow Disney Collection Pins, and More)

Hello again from a hot but beautiful day at EPCOT! Overall, it was a rather uneventful day, but we still found a few things to show you. Let’s get started!


When we entered the park, we found even more “Points of Light” had been installed on Spaceship Earth facing the park entrance.


The lights now join up with the ones wrapping around from the East side and travel across the front of Spaceship Earth, ending just before going out of view from the entrance area. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more lights to be installed in the future.


New scaffolding was installed outside of the future location of Creations Shop and Club Cool in Innoventions East against a glass window which appears to have wood mounted on the other side. All the other windows are backed in plastic.


On World Showcase Lagoon, a new piece of heavy machinery had been brought out to work on the Harmonious barges on a second large construction barge.


With all of the ring barge’s arms in the upright position, we could see that the flexible screen that we saw was installed a little while ago on one side of one arm was done so loosely, as it was hanging off of one side and flapping in the breeze.


We also saw the Harmonious ring barge testing colored lights on the four extended arms.

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In the Italy Pavilion at the future location of Gelateria Toscana, trees have been installed to the right of the building.


At the Mexico Pavilion on Gran Fiesta Tour, we found two small updates, but not the update we were hoping for. This girl animatronic at the base of the Donald piñata has had a small amount of motion in the past, but today she was very lively, having apparently been fixed in some way. We’ve seen her head move in the past, but today she was kicking as well.


Across the river in the same scene, the ribbon hat dancer has now been removed, who stands next to the dancer animatronic who returned on Tuesday.


Today marks three months since the Three Caballeros animatronics were replaced with these painted flats, and we were hoping to find that they had returned today, but alas, the same static scene was there to greet us at the end of the ride.


We found a few pieces of merchandise to show you, starting with this “Baby Yoda” Grogu character clip, which we found at Disney Traders for $11.99.


We also found two new additions to the Rainbow Disney Collection open edition pins. Both of these pins were available, along with the two found yesterday, at Disney Traders. The heart hands pin retails for $9.99, and the Star Wars pin retails for $12.99.


We had a great day at EPCOT, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!