PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 4/30/21 (EPCOT/World Center Drive Painting, A Moved Relaxation Station, Scavenger Hunt Prizes Restocked, and More)

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” In today’s case, it’s mostly just painting, construction, some new shirts, and a surprise find at a pin trading board among other things. Anyways let’s begin as we take you through our day at EPCOT.


The front of the EPCOT/World Center Drive entrance seems to be completed on the right side by Minnie’s marquee and the “Welcome” sign, while the back is currently being worked on as we drove in this morning.


A top row of “Points of Light” on Spaceship Earth’s outer shell is nearly done with a quarter left to be filled and the possible rest coming soon. We wonder if they’ll have a small model to buy once it’s done that we can take home.


Construction continues around Pin Traders, but that’s ok because the other store across the way has definitely filled our pin buying needs well.


Work continues with vengeance on the east side construction—we don’t think we’ve ever seen this many workers going at once before.


Work on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind seems to have halted on the outer exterior while ground work is being done. If only we could see what was going on inside to give you a full report of progress.


After months of being broken, it seems the window broken at was once was Mouse Gear has finally been replaced and covered with wood as hopeful protection so it doesn’t happen again.


The Harmonious centerpiece had arms up again today testing out their motion and dexterity once again. There was fountain testing though and on a hot day like today, it would have been well appreciated.


Spike the Bee’s Pollen-nation Exploration rewards have been fully stocked once again. Although we can’t guarantee inventory, get them while you can!

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The Three Caballeros are still missing from the ride and although we ran into Panchito and Jose at Magic Kingdom, they couldn’t even tell us when they may be returning to The Gran Fiesta Tour.


At Mouse Gear, we spotted this shirt at the entrance, a shirt only found till now at Disneyland, for $36.99.


The bathrooms in the Morocco Pavilion are still out of commission, but we noticed the change of the trash can be moved a few inches back—which means absolutely nothing but at least it shows there’s something going on here.


The relaxation station moved into the back part of the pavilion by the restaurant and into the Bazaar as well being possibly the only relaxation station in Walt Disney World where you can buy alcoholic drinks.


Leaving the Morocco Pavilion we ran into Mickey’s cavalcade which is supposedly coming to an end on May 4, so enjoy it while you can.


The bridge in the Italy Pavilion is still awaiting paint. We’re surprised to see Disney letting something unfinished being so openly displayed. It’s better than the molds that were there but at the same time, a little strange.


Gelateria Toscana is still being worked on and we’re looking forward to it trying its treats later this month. For more details check out this article here, if anything to see all the yummy food coming.


Like we said at the beginning, we got a surprising find at the pin trading board at Spaceship Earth while leaving. Supposedly, this pin could only be obtained during the 30th anniversary by trading a Cast Member who had it on their lanyard.


Well, that’s all for today! Tune in tomorrow as we bring you more park news at the site that gets it to you first, WDWNT.