PHOTOS: Fast & Furious Supercharged Now Loading Every Seat and Packing Guests in Pre-Show at Universal Studios Florida

As COVID-19 protections change radically in Florida, Universal Studios has quickly updated their physical distancing requirements on rides. A visit to the park today revealed that Fast & Furious-Supercharged has done away with all distancing rules in line, during the pre-show and on the ride.


There was very little social distancing and few masks in the queue for the ride.


The pre-show was allowing for people to make their own physical distancing choices as crowds entered the room.


Team members announced that they were trying to cram 110 people into the room.

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People stayed mask-less and close together as they prepared to board the ride.


On the ride itself people were loaded with no spacing.


Dividers were still in place on the ride. Masks are only mandatory for those who were not vaccinated, but this is not being policed. Most people were mask-less and seated next to people from different parties.


How do you feel about the updated requirements at Universal Studios Florida? Let us know in the comments.

    1. They definitely aren’t. I generally assume now that anyone in a mask is vaccinated and still trying to be date, and anyone not in a mask is probably unvaccinated.

    2. I agree. The “honor” system should have never been put in place by any leading official. The parks should at least keep parties separated on rides. Some people spit as they yell and scream. Not looking forward to that in our up coming family trip, when I have little ones and a sickly sister.

        1. You have no idea of their situation, you have no idea if they are 16 and being made to go.

  1. Adults can make their own choices, even bad ones. But I’m really disgusted with all those parents allowing their clearly unvaccinated children to go maskless. Those kids then go to school or day care, and can infect other children, also unvaccinated, but who’s parents aren’t taking them to theme parks.

  2. Face diapers don’t do anything anyway. Just a way to control people and make them feel invincible from a virus with 99.9% survival rate.

    1. So much wrong with this, including the death rate which is roughly 30 times what you claim. 600k us citizens have died so far, millions across the world.

  3. If only people realized that this isn’t the first pandemic they’ve experienced in their life, maybe they wouldn’t be so paranoid

    1. This is by far the worst pandemic Americans have faced, with 600k deaths within a year. I’ve spoken to many people who have lost loved ones. Just because this didn’t impact you personally doesn’t mean it’s fake.

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