PHOTOS: Fire Rock Geyser Cleared of Trees at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Earlier this month, tree removal was underway at Fire Rock Geyser in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Today, the site was clear of crew members and construction vehicles, suggesting the project is complete.


Some tree stumps are visible on the far end of the geyser.


The area is a lot less shady with so many trees and foliage removed.

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The geyser is still not operating, but likely will be when the resort reopens fully on June 6.


How do you feel about the tree removal around Fire Rock Geyser? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Normally I’d be sad about the loss of trees. But this change makes it look more like the geysers at Yellowstone.

  2. Looks a little more ‘man made’ now than it used to – natural greenery is always such a good disguise!!

  3. I like trees, but if you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park, the geyser basins are devoid of trees. So this is more accurate to nature.

  4. I was told this morning that Fire Rock Geyser will not be erupting this week. Rock work is being repainted.

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